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Photo Mode is a gameplay feature in Batman: Arkham Knight. It allows players to stop their game at (almost) any moment to take a screenshot.


Photo mode can be activated from the pause menu, and can also be quick-launched by pressing R3&L3 (PS4) () on Xbox One and () on PC. While quick-launch is turned off by default, it can be enabled by pressing square when the Photo mode option is highlighted on the pause menu. This needs to be re-done each time the game is started.

When in photo mode, players can freely turn and move the camera, adjust brightness, apply shaders and borders, and even add/remove the Batman: Arkham Knight logo from the picture. After they are ready, they can hide the HUD with a press of a button, and take a screenshot by pressing Print Screen (PC), the Share button (PS4) and the Xbox button on Xbox One.

During cutscenes and in first person mode (such as when inside a vent or zooming), all options that affect the camera are disabled, but other options can be changed.

Notes & Tips[]

  • Some parts of the game don't allow using photo mode, due to Spoilers, although screenshots can still be taken. These include:
  • Using the Disruptor gives an unique shader to the screen.
  • Detective Mode cannot be turned on/off when in Photo mode.
  • Outside battle, Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing change their stance for a few seconds after striking or using stun, allowing them to "pose" for the picture.
    • Robin holds his staff against his shoulder.
    • Red Hood holds his pistols.
    • Nightwing appears ready for combat, holding his Escrima sticks.