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Play as The Joker is PS3 Exclusive DLC in Batman: Arkham Asylum where the player can play as Joker in Challenge Maps.


Maximum Punishment[]


In this Challenge, Joker has entered the Intensive Treatment Center and Fights against several waves of guards including Aaron Cash and Commissioner Gordon.

Gutter Tactics[]

In this Challenge, Joker has entered The Sewers and fights against a wave of guards now with more greater area to fight in and a much easier to reach bottomless pit for enemies to fall in on the last round Joker takes on Aaron Cash, Gordon and one of the guards from the beginning of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Caged Fighter[]

Joker has entered The Penietiary and must defeat The Guards but this time with a Time Limit or otherwise he will be electrocuted to death.

Giggles in the Garden[]

Joker has entered The Botanical Gardens and must fight against even more guards.


Paging Dr. Joker[]

Joker has entered The Medical Facility and needs to kill the guards.

Administered Pain[]

The Joker is in The Arkham Mansion and needs to kill more guards.

Hell's Hecienda[]

Joker breaks into the Intensive Treatment to kill some more guards.

Cavern of Love[]

Joker manages to get to the underground of arkham asylum to kill some more guards.

Game Over Scenes[]

Aaron Cash[]

  • I'm gonna enjoy teaching you some manners, Joker! Get him back to his cell.


  • You'll never beat me, Joker. I won't let you win.
  • You'll never win, Joker. I'll always be here to stop you.

    Batman Return To Arkham - Batman Game Over Scenes

    Batman - Game Over Screens


Joker has his own Combat style but all the same moves (except gadgets) and for a stun joker sprays with his flower in predator joker with 3 new gadgets The Gun, The Joker Teeth and X-Ray Specs. The Gun is a single shot weapon with only one shot, but able to pierce multiple enemies. This weapon is loud and can alert other enemies. The X-Ray Specs are Detective Vision but in first person and without being able to move. The Joker Teeth are a single use remote controlled explosive. Joker's Stun is enacted through Laughing Gas. His combat moves also include his Joy Buzzer. His Silent Takedowns use Smilex sprayed from his flower. The single use mechanics of his gadgets make Joker's gameplay very challenging, and every encounter must be held with extreme caution.