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"There are a number of political prisoners. People who crossed Strange, others who are tied into the mayor somehow."
—Batman to Oracle in Deadshot's side mission

Political Prisoner Character Trophy Arkham City

The Political Prisoners appear in Batman: Arkham City.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham City Incident[]


The Political Prisoner outside the old GCPD Building at Amusement Mile

The Political Prisoners were people who were arrested by Hugo Strange for knowing too much about Arkham City or for being a danger to his plans. Some people became Political Prisoners because they objected to the idea of Arkham City, while others got themselves deliberately thrown in the prison city to uncover more about it, such as Jack Ryder. There was a Side Mission in Arkham City called: "Acts of Violence" where Batman must save the Political Prisoners from the abuse of other Arkham City Inmates. 

Known Political Prisoners:


  • "The last hot meal we had was three months ago... We found a cat near the courthouse..." (Mad Hatter's Lair)
  • "Jeez!" (Under the Church when encountering Batman)
  • "I'm going to die here, aren't I?" (Under the Church when encountering Batman)



  • In the GCPD Building in Arkham Origins, there was a man encountered who was called a Hobo. On the floor next to him was another one, but with the same coat as the many Political Prisoners from Arkham City.
  • They established a small community underneath the bridge across from the Church and Medical Center in Arkham City. 
  • At the beginning of the game, two Political Prisoners could be encountered on the side of the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, while another two were hiding in the alleyway near the Mad Hatter's Lair, and one of them stated: "The last hot meal we had was three months ago... We found a cat near the courthouse..."
    • Said cat most likely belonged to Catwoman, given its location. 
  • Various Political Prisoners were cowering in fear because of the other inmates.
  • A Political Prisoner could be found if the player broke the glass at near the ending of the game where the player first started the game. He was lying on the floor. It was possible that the TYGER Guard at the start of the game was beating him when Bruce Wayne broke out of the chair.
  • Thugs could be seen beating Political Prisoners in alley ways. The player could help them as part of a Side Mission.