Professor Milo is a brilliant scientist appearing in Arkham Underworld offers his assistance to the central gang and has a particular interest in upgrading Super Villain's abilities.


After breaking The Riddler out of prison and returning to your hideout, Milo appears offering his services, although you must purchase & build a lab at your hideout first. Once the lab is built, Milo can upgrade Super Villain's abilities after they've levelled up. Improving on your lab will allow Milo to create more new abilities for Super Villains to use. He'll even invent gadgets to better assist your Super Villains and henchmen in battle.


  • In the original comics, Prof. Achilles Milo was a bio-chemist who used his skills to try and mutate humans and try to defeat Batman. He went insane after being overexposed to his own chemicals and became an inmate of Arkham Asylum. Whether or not this remains true for the Arkhamverse version of the character is unknown.
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