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Qing Lu
Biographical information
Full Name Qing Lu
Occupation Martial Artist/Top Hitman
Base of Operations Gotham City
Affiliations Penguin
Physical description
Game Information
Voice Actor Keith Silverstein
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Origins

Qing Lu was a Martial Artist, one of the Penguin's top hitmen, and a murderer.


Qing Lu served as a top hitman for the Penguin. However, Lu eventually began to grow sick of his position under Alex Cane and sought to rise up in the power structure. He then had Cane "disappear" by, while undergoing what was presumably an arms deal, shooting him in the heart. However, Cane, having anticipated the likelihood that he would have been shot, threw a Molotov Cocktail at Lu, which forced the latter to escape by jumping up a wall and climb up a ladder, and also left behind his fingerprints on one of the pieces of the dilapidated ladder. Cane's final actions resulted in a fire at Coventry, which after the fire-fighting squad doused the fire discovered Cane's body. Batman, learning of the fire and the murder from a police scanner, managed to deduce Lu's role in his death, and tracked him down to the Final Offer near Amusement Mile. Upon arrival, Lu informed the gang of Cane's death, his role in it, claimed that Cane had grown lazy and needed to be stopped, and offered his services for a gig. Batman then ambushed the gang and after he subdued Lu, interrogated him, before he left him to be picked up by the GCPD. Beforehand, Lu also admitted that Penguin not only wasn't involved in Cane's death, but also that Penguin would have had him executed had his role in Cane's death been uncovered.

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