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Queen Industries

Queen Industries was best known because of its owner billionaire CEO, Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow.

A container of the company was found on the Final Offer, and was one of the enterprises that the Penguin planned to steal from. Deathstroke and Black Mask (or rather, someone posing as Black Mask) also utilized a Queen Industries toolkit to house an explosive specifically to lure Batman out so the former could kill him as part of a hit the latter arranged.

The Queen Industries Building appeared in Batman: Arkham Knight. It was located on Founders' Island. One of the Joker Infected, Christina Bell, was also an executive on the QI board in Star City, until she went berserk and mutilated several senior board members.

After Batman rescued Jack Ryder from the clutches of Deacon Blackfire, the reporter seemingly bragged to Batman about a piece he was writing in regards to Queen Industries' owner, a man that Ryder cited as a "real sharpshooter."




  • Also in Penguin's office, there were two lists. List of companies to be the victim of heists: AmerTek, LexCorp, and Queen Industries. The list also implied that Penguin was to meet someone named Hugo who was presumably affiliated with the company at Hangar 18 regarding Flight 132 on a Friday, presumably as part of the heist.
  • A trailer for the game also showed the Queen Industries logo that was printed on a toolbox. The container was used by Black Mask's henchmen as part of a hit on Batman that Deathstroke was involved in, a reference to how Deathstroke was considered one of Green Arrow's rogues ordinarily.
  • In Batman: Arkham Knight, Jack Ryder mentions the company's CEO being "a real sharpshooter". This is a reference to Oliver Queen being the vigilante Green Arrow.