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Batman obtaining the Remote Claw after he took it from Deathstroke on the Final Offer.

The Remote Claw is a gadget which allows Batman to target two objects and pull them together, including enemies; it can also launch objects at enemies, or string up enemies or objects.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

The Remote Claw was seen during Batman's encounter with Deathstroke on the Final Offer. Deathstroke used the weapon to string Batman up while the latter was interrogating Penguin. During their subsequent fight Deathstroke also used the Remote Claw to attach propane tanks to Batman. After he defeated and captured Deathstroke, Batman took the Remote Claw, and used it to traverse Gotham City in order to stop Black Mask, the Joker, and their henchmen. Shortly after the incident, Batman presumably used it to finish the Line Launcher.


Batman: Arkham Origins[]

Batman used the Remote Claw to target his enemies and pull them together with other henchmen or objects and strung up enemies or objects.



  • The Remote Claw was very similar to the Grappler from Just Cause 2.
  • While Deathstroke could use the Remote Claw in Combat during his boss fight, neither Batman nor the playable version of Deathstroke could do the same.
  • The Remote Claw was most likely disassembled and the pieces were used to finish Batman's Line Launcher shortly after the Cold, Cold Heart DLC for Arkham Origins.
  • The Remote Claw was also used for two new Takedowns in Arkham Origins: The Zipline Takedown and the Tightrope Takedown.
    • The Remote Claw acts like the anchor in Batman: The Enemy Within. However, in The Enemy Within, it was mounted to Batman's gauntlet, while in Arkham Origins, it is an external device, creating tightropes that can be grappled to.