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Ricky LeBlanc is a small time gun runner who fell in with Penguin's crew and worked exclusively for Cobblepot. Leblanc conducted arms deals with various buyers and sellers all over Gotham City. He fancied himself a comedian and a ladies man, but he was nothing more than a common criminal who should have been behind bars.


Before Arkham Origins Incident

Ricky Leblanc was an arms dealer before he joined the Penguin.

Arkham Origins Incident

Ricky was first seen selling weapons to criminals, but was interrupted by Batman, who beat and interrogated him until he lost consciousness (although Batman implies that him losing consciousness was an accident). Ricky woke up, only to find himself held upside-down from the roof of the Gotham Merchant's Bank by Batman. Ricky refused to tell Batman anything, but Batman found a text on his phone from Penguin, which told him all he needed to know. Then he dropped Leblanc down into the Christmas tree in Jezebel Plaza for the cops to pick up.

Ricky was later seen being interrogated by GCPD officer, Marks, and still refused to say anything. Batman then knocked out the officer and interrogated Ricky again for information on the Disruptor and its location. Leblanc eventually told Batman after the latter gave a veiled threat about interrogating him via dropping him from the rooftop again if he didn't, and the latter knocked him out again.

Ricky "Loose Lips" Leblanc was presumably sent to Blackgate Prison, where he might have escaped from later in the evening during the Joker's takeover.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

Ricky appeared again, later in the story of Cold, Cold Heart when Batman went to My Alibi to get the cryodrill that he needed to go after Mr. Freeze. In the nightclub, Batman found Ricky "Loose Lips" Leblanc in the club's dressing-room talking to a frozen GCPD officer (presumably interrogating him about a stash of money). Batman grabbed Ricky by the neck or stands on his face and interrogated him about the location of the cryodrill, only to be told that the Penguin ordered them to sell off the parts that were needed to build the device. Batman made Ricky tell him the location of the parts, which he did while he begged Batman not to throw him off a roof, as it happened the first time they met each other a week ago. Batman, while jokingly musing he could do that next time, knocked him unconscious and left him there, where he was arrested by the police and eventually sent to Blackgate Prison, again.

Psychological Profile

Loose Lips

Real Name: Ricky Leblanc

GCPD Profile

Ricky Leblanc

Batman's Database Profile

Leblanc was a small time gun runner who fell in with Penguin's gang and now works exclusively for Penguin. Leblanc conducts arms deals with buyers and sellers all over the city. He fancies himself as a comedian and a ladies man but he's nothing more than a common criminal.


Arkham Origins

  • "Guys!"
  • "So, little boys-what do you want for Christmas? Oh wait. I already know."
  • "Now let's see if you've been naughty or... Nice."
  • "Easy, tiger. When you deal with us, you're deal with the Penguin. This ain't some fly-by-night operation."
  • "Yes, but these aren't just any ol' guns you're buyin'. Think of them like a fine wine-and I am your sommelier. I want you to taste it-try it out. Make sure you like the heft, the feel, the sighting-before I pour you the full glass."
  • "Go on, test it out. Fire a few rounds."
  • "A man of simple tastes. I can respect that."
  • "Don't, Don't...Whatever you're goin to do-don't."
  • "Ok! Ok! I give up!"
  • "Stop! - Stop!"
  • "Get away."
  • "No...NO!"
  • "I don't know..."
  • "I swear."
  • "What...what happened?"
  • "Let me go!"
  • "Please...Stop, stop, I'll talk, I'll tell you anything you want to know! Please."
  • "You're crazy! You're friggin crazy!"
  • "Little bit of this... Little bit of that. Mostly though, it does a whole lotta none-of-your-damn business."
  • "You want to play hardball, buddy? How's about I tell my cousin at the Gazette about the payments you boys' been extorting from Penguin and the like?"
  • "Don't see ya callin' evidence lockup, now, do I? You cops are all the same. You ain't gettin' nothing' out'a me."
  • "You and me both, pal."
  • "Not you again!" (Batman)
  • "No way! You gotta answer for droppin' me off that rooftop, buddy."
  • "Ask one of the pigs. They got it in evidence lock-up."
  • "Okay! Okay! You win. It...It jams weapons, overrides electronic locks, alright? Now... are you gonna let me go?"

Cold, Cold Heart

  • "Listen, we ain't goin' nowhere till you tell me exactly where the money's stashed."
  • "Then what are you doing in the back office? Huh?"
  • "Quit whinin'. At least your drink is cold."
  • "Clock's tickin'!"
  • "Why're pickin' on me, huh?"
  • "No more. Just - no more."
  • "Okay. You win! Again..."
  • "Well-yeah. But it ain't here. Penguin said to sell off the parts. It's in pieces."
  • "I'll tell you. I'll tell you! Just... don't drop me off a roof, okay?"



  • Ricky was the first lower henchman to have a proper profile in the series.
  • Ricky was misnamed as "Lefty" Leblanc in the Bradygames official strategy guide.
  • Ricky was the only henchmen in the game to wear a Santa Hat.
  • Ricky was interrogated by Batman four times: first in Jezebel Plaza, second on the roof of the Gotham Merchants Bank, third in the GCPD Interrogation Room, and fourth in the My Alibi Nightclub Back Room in the Cold Cold Heart DLC.
    • Technically, the Jezebel Plaza and Gotham Merchants Bank interrogations were the same one.
  • When Ricky received his payment and he opened the briefcase to see if his buyers had been "naughty or nice", his face was enveloped with an orange-gold glow. That was a reference to the Quentin Tarantino film, Pulp Fiction, more specifically the Briefcase Segment.
  • Ricky shared the same voice actor who did the voice of Killer Croc for all the Arkham games except Origins - Steve Blum.
  • Ricky becomes acrophobic as a result of Batman dropping him off the roof of Jezebel Plaza onto a Christmas tree; this is indicated by his constant mentions of the episode every time when Batman interrogates him at the GCPD and the My Alibi Nightclub.
  • Oddly, one of the promotional images for Cold, Cold Heart implied that Batman and Ricky would have had an actual confrontation, yet in the final game, he surrendered upon noticing Batman without even attempting to resist.
  • In the E3 demo for the game, Ricky and Cobblepot was originally supposed to work for Black Mask directly, with the latter even saying in the text that a deal was on and that they were to meet at the Royal Hotel. The final game has neither Ricky nor Cobblepot being affiliated with Black Mask in any capacity.
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