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Road Rage Loading Screen

Road Rage Loading Screen

Road Rage is a Batmobile Hybrid AR Challenge Map that is included in the base game of Batman: Arkham Knight and can be launched from the open world. It is located on Bleake Island, and is unlocked by drifting continuously for over 3 seconds using any Batmobile. This challenge can be launched from Free Roam.

The challenge consists of chasing Militia Jeeps, and wrecking them. The player is given 2 minutes to wreck as many as they are able, and can gain 1 point and an extra 3 seconds for every Militia Jeep wrecked; however, 3 seconds are lost for every RPG hit taken.

The default Batmobile is the Arkham Knight Batmobile; star requirements are the same regardless of the Batmobile being used.


  • Take down 10 armored cars for 3 stars
  • Take down 6 armored cars for 2 stars
  • Take down 3 armored cars for 1 star

Rival Points[]

  • Complete with a score of 30 to obtain all 20 Rival Points(RP); one RP is earned for every point above 10, the 3 star score.


  • This is one of two challenges aside from the races that all DLC Batmobiles can participate in.


  • Unlike the races, drifting has no effect on the timer; however, it can still be used to recharge the afterburner significantly faster.
  • Use the Batmobile's side thrusters to ram into the sides of the Militia Jeeps, if done correctly, they should be taken out in one hit.
  • Stay on the vicinity of the Clock Tower, GCPD building, and Chinatown. Avoid searching around Panessa Studios, as the Militia vehicles rarely spawn there.