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Robert Hanes
Biographical information
Full Name Robert Hanes
Occupation Con artist
Base of Operations Unknown
Physical description
Hair Black hair
Game Information
Voice Actor Jake Eberle
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Origins

Robert Hanes is a well-known con artist who was involved in various scams, as well as a murderer.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Robert Hanes was a con artist who specialized in various scams over a long period of time, usually with inside men involved that he paid a cut to when the scam was completed. At some point, he encountered an Account Manager at the Gotham Merchant's Bank, named Bryan Murphy, and recruited him to his latest scam by convincing him to give him (and presumably the other scam artists involved in the scam) the account number and password for one of the Gotham Merchant's Bank's clients. He also planned to print out fake IDs for various criminals who weren't native to Gotham, nor ever set foot into the bank, to ensure that the scam went off without a hitch in case the bank got suspicious. By the time of Christmas Eve, however, Murphy gained second thoughts on the scam and wanted out, and presumably also threatened to expose the scam to either the GCPD or the bank employees. However, Hanes, anticipating that, silenced Murphy by shoving him off the roof into Jezebel Plaza, and broke the railing in the process, as he was unable to afford letting the scam become public. Batman, having learned of the incident from a police scanner, arrived and deduced Hane's role in the murder from fingerprints on Murphy's suitcase (which had fallen onto a ledge between the railing and the plaza). Batman, due to Alfred narrowing down the search area for him ahead of time, managed to track down Hanes to a rooftop at the Diamond District, and also overheard him and his gang planning their scam. Batman then subdued all of them, and interrogated Hanes on the murder and the scam, before he left him to be apprehended by the GCPD.

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