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Batman in the Royal Hotel Lobby in Arkham Origins.

The Gotham Royal Hotel is a huge luxury hotel seen in Gotham City during the Christmas Eve Incident. It was the hotel where Joker (in the guise of Black Mask) had a meeting with Electrocutioner, Firefly, and Bane.

During this event, Joker turned the hotel into a fortress, shut down the elevators, rigged it with enough explosives to demolish the building, and occupied it with an army of goons.

Joker also ended up doing extensive changes to the hotel, including converting the ballroom into a massive nigh-inescapable fairground-themed death trap, as well as rigging a portion of the hotel with snowman bombs that were primed to detonate on New Year's Eve at midnight as part of the demented clown's twisted schemes, although the former was evaded by Batman and the latter ended up detonated a few seconds by Batman (in a failed attempt at disarming the bombs).

Building Description[]

The Gotham Royal Hotel is a huge hotel consisting of 48 floors two towers (east and west),3 balcony levels or terrace levels,4 penthouses (two on each tower), a crossing bridge on the 25th floor called the Overview Bar, a 3-floor lobby at the bottom in between the towers, a large underground parking garage, swimming pools on the 39th floor, a grand regent ballroom and a royal ballroom that are 4 floors tall, large ventilation shafts (which are called "engine rooms" on signs.but are large shafts with many large fans in them, their suspected purpose is bringing air up to the higher floors, because the higher you go the less air that is present), elevator shafts and laundry rooms. It's easily the largest building in the game.

floor layout[]

The building has a floor layout like this (it can be seen on maps inside the hotel) : [-2 to -1] underground parking garage [1-3] lobby (not towers) [1-21] executive suites [21] 1st level terrace [22-25]ballrooms [25] overview bar and tower crossing bridge [22- 39] royal suites [39] 2nd level terrace [39-41] pools (both towers) [42] penthouse library (part of the Bane boss fight takes place here) [42-46] vista suites [47-48] penthouses (Both towers) [ventilation shafts floors unknown,but reaches at least: 19-26].

building layout[]

The majority of the building Is split into two connected towers(east and west) and they are both the same height, These towers are partially supported by beams on the front of the building. the building also has a small side building at the right of the east tower, this is used for entry to the parking garage, and inside it is a separated ramp and staircase.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

The Royal Hotel was where The Joker called a meeting with three of the assassins. Batman first entered the hotel from the side building and went though the parking garage, where he found the Joker's ambulance, then Batman took the elevator up to the lobby and went to the security room where he found the Joker in the penthouse.(from security footage)

Batman then witnessed the death of Electrocutioner. After Joker interrupted Electrocutioner playing a game on his phone, and kicked him out of the window to his death far below. Then took his gloves to power a lift, then grappled to the tenth floor, where Batman entered a laundry room and went to the nearby elevator shaft, then made his way up to the nineteenth floor. He then crossed to the west tower where he encountered a sentry gun. Next he entered the ventilation shaft, and found his way to the top, passing the 25th-floor laundry room, and finds a theme park in the grand regent ballroom.

Then after freeing the hostages in the ballroom, he exited the ballroom and made his way to the overview bar where he encountered Joker goons. Then after defeating them, he left the bar, and breaks open the wall on the side of the bridge to grapple up to the 28th floor. and there he found the snowman bombs that the Joker planted. The Caped Crusader tried to disarm them but fails and reduces the countdown from 7 days and 23 hours to 27 seconds.

Forcing him to jump out of the window and grapple to a Gotham news helicopter that witnesses the following explosion, and takes him to the 39th-floor balcony. (or second level terrace, according to the hotel's map) Then he encounters a large group of henchmen and defeats them and everyone in the pool room. After that Batman takes the pool's elevator to the penthouse where Joker was, then in a failed attempt to hide, Bane snatched him from the elevator and threw him into the Penthouse. Bane allowed Joker to talk to Batman for a minute. During that time, Joker blew up a building, which was a construction site that was "blocking his view." As Batman proceeded to beat the Joker, Bane interrupted to kill Batman. and then throws Batman out a window to the penthouse library where they fight until Bane throws him again onto the balcony from before,

As the fight continued, Joker watched at close distance. Then Alfred calls the Police, and they arrive within minutes. when Joker opened fire on the GCPD choppers. As Bane escaped, Joker tried to stop him, but was blown off the Penthouse balcony by Bane's bazooka. While in free fall, Joker was saved by Batman, handed over to the GCPD, and was taken to Blackgate Prison by Harvey Bullock.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

The Royal Hotel was not able to be accessed, but the entrance was. Batman went there for the second part of the cryodrill that was needed to access the Cryogenic Testing Facility at GothCorp in order to rescue Ferris Boyle from Mr. Freeze.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

The Royal Hotel could been seen from downtown Gotham City during the game, along with Arkham City, the Gotham Pioneers' Bridge, Seagate Amusement Park, and Arkham Asylum.



  • That was the place where Bane first met Batman and the first place Batman fought him.
  • The Hotel Lobby of the Royal Hotel was also a Predator Challenge Map called Checking Out, in which the Mad Hatter and his henchmen appeared.
  • The Swimming Pool of the Royal Hotel was a Predator Challenge Map called Quiet Waters, in which Bane's Henchmen were lead by Joker.
  • The Hotel Parking Garage and the Penthouse Balcony of the Royal Hotel were 2 Combat Challenge Maps called Lot Full and Panorama.
  • That was also where Batman got the Shock Gloves from Electrocutioner after he was killed by Joker.
  • The walls are occasionally decorated with Joker cards: if looked closely, the cards show Joker in his Arkham Asylum appearance.
  • Notably, had Batman let Joker fall to his death, the Rocksteady Trilogy wouldn't have happened. Despite his moral code, rescuing Joker was possibly Batman's biggest mistake, as Joker would later go and murder countless innocents, cripple Barbara Gordon and brainwash Jason Todd.
  • In the E3 demo, Black Mask and Penguin were apparently to meet in the Royal Hotel at 10 regarding a deal, with the latter texting Ricky "Loose Lips" LeBlanc about this development (a text that found its way to Batman during his rooftop interrogation of Loose Lips). This was not present in the final release.
  • A room here cost at least 300$ a night.
  • When Batman is holding onto Vicki's helicopter, Vicki claims several of Joker's men have weapons and her cameraman states several of the men have firearms. However, none of the inmates on screen are shown carrying a firearm, nor is there a weapon crate nearby that gives them access to firearms.