Sarli Jayakody
Sarli Jayakody
Biographical information
Occupation Advanced weapons delivery systems developer
Base of Operations Gotham
Physical description
Game Information
First Appearance Batman: Arkham City

Sarli Jayakody was a political prisoner who was imprisoned within Arkham City and later assassinated by Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot under contract by Professor Hugo Strange.


Before becoming involved in the development of the mega-prison Arkham City, Sarli had previously been contracted on military projects specializing in advanced weapon delivery system.

At some point during the set-up of Arkham City, Sarli Jayakodi was ordered by Hugo Strange to undergo a classified project that presumably related to TYGER Security's weapons delivery systems. Upon the opening of the prison, Strange repaid his work by throwing him into Arkham City as a political prisoner. He was assassinated shortly thereafter by Deadshot, with Batman, having already witnessed Deadshot's assassination of Laurence Graham, a man similarly imprisoned by Strange for similar reasons, investigating the cause of his death and Deadshot's sniping position. By the time his corpse was found by the Dark Knight, crows were pecking at him. Batman eventually got some clues for Deadshot's possible holdout from the sniper rifle holder.


  • He is not actually named when Batman finds his body. He is instead named in the contract list schedule included on Deadshot's PDA.
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