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Scratch or Scratchie (real name unknown) was a member of The Joker‘s Gang until Joker's death. Scratch then decided to be a part of Harley Quinn‘s Gang.


Scratch was a criminal. He was loyal to Joker. In the story ”Power Play” in Gotham City Stories, he was described as smart.

Incident Reports[]

Before Harley Quinn's Revenge[]

Scratch was killed by Harley with a baseball bat just before her Revenge.

Batman: Arkham Knight[]

He does not physically appear in Batman: Arkham Knight, though after solving a specific riddle, the story “Power Play” unlocks in the Gotham City Stories tab. Scratch was getting sick and tired of Harley still mourning the Joker, who died of an overdose of TITAN when he shot himself in Arkham Asylum and died months later in Arkham City. Scratch grows increasing frustrated with them defending and not expanding their territory. In his opinion, if Harley could not move on, the gang would have to. Scratch then plans to plant a bomb inside the creepy statue of Joker in order to kill Harley and get rid of the statue. When he sneaks into her bedroom to plant the bomb, he notices the grinning clown's eyes following him. Scratch tells the statue that he must do this for the gang. He hears a recording in the statue say “Bad idea, Scratchie” repeatedly. Harley arrives and kills him with her baseball bat.


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