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Seishinteki Kyoyo is a combat challenge map in Batman: Arkham Origins. It has only two waves that consists of Ninjas and Martial Artists, and is one of the few challenge maps in the series to feature a boss fight: Shiva. The second round only ends when Shiva is defeated.

It is part of the Initiation DLC, and is the final challenge in the Initiation campaign.


Default (Batman)[]

  • 15,000 points
  • 30,000 points
  • 60,000 points

Default (Deathstroke/Bruce Wayne)[]

  • 15,000 points
  • 25,000 points
  • 50,000 points


  • Shiva fights like a Martial Artist, and thus is capable of countering Batman. However, she has no counter icons, adding difficulty to the fight. She also has more health than a standard enemy, and has her own health bar.
  • Other boss fights in Challenge maps include:
    • Victor Zsasz, Aaron Cash and James Gordon appear in Arkham Asylum challenge maps. However, as they reuse knife/default enemy A.I, some might not consider them real bosses.
    • The Joker jumps to the arena in the Arkham City "The Joker's Carnival" map when a 100 hit combo is reached. Similarly to the examples above, he reuses default thug A.I and has slightly more health.
    • Black Mask is fought in the Arkham City Challenge Map "Freight Train". His A.I and health are the same as the Joker example above.
    • Killer Croc enters the arena in the Arkham Knight rendition of Iceberg Lounge VIP Room if the player manages to gain 20 Rival points (1,000,000 points) while playing as Batman. Alongside him, Nightwing also joins in and turns the challenge into a Dual-Play Boss Fight, identical to the one in The Season of Infamy. If Croc is defeated, the challenge continues with Nightwing still present.
  • This map's boss fight with Shiva is widely considered to be a major improvement over her boss in the main game.