Sharon Jones
Biographical information
Full Name Sharon Jones
Occupation Waitress
Base of Operations Gotham City
Affiliations Pauli's Diner
Physical description
Hair Blonde
Height 6ft 1in
Game Information
Appeared In Batman: Arkham Knight
First Appearance (Arkham Knight)
Oh, thank you honey.
— Sharon thanking a patron for the tip he gives her.

Sharon Jones was a waitress in Gotham City and a minor character who appeared in the opening of Batman: Arkham Knight and appeared in the Shadow War DLC.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Knight Incident

Some time before Halloween, Sharon worked as a waitress at Pauli's Diner.

Arkham Knight Incident

Sharon appeared in the very beginning of Arkham Knight, serving various customers, including Officer Owens. After giving Owens' order to the diner cook, a nearby man told Owens about a man, smoking in the corner booth. After Owens tells the mysterious man that smoking is not allowed, the man injects Owens with Fear Toxin and then spreads throughout the entire diner, eventually overcoming and infecting everyone inside. Sharon and most, if not all diner patrons (except Owens) were unfortunately killed amidst the chaos.

Scarecrow, who is revealed to have ordered the attack, later appears on national television and uses the attack on the diner as an example of what his toxin is capable, creating a large panic in the process and thus causing all of Gotham's six million citizens to evacuate, leaving only the GCPD and Batman to battle Scarecrow and his allies and restore peace.

Shadow War Incident

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Sharon's corpse in Elliot Memorial Hospital.

Jones' corpse was later taken to the Elliot Memorial Hospital where it was encountered by Batman, who was searching for Ra's al Ghul. Her name was on the list of deceased people from the diner attack, awaiting autopsy.


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Character model.


  • Her name was previously not revealed and subtitles only list her as "Waitress". Instead, it appeared on one of the morgue lockers and confirmed as her name.
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