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Shinobi-Iri is a predator challenge map in Batman: Arkham Origins. The challenge takes place in an unknown smelting chamber.

It is part of the Initiation DLC.



  • Breaking and Entering - Perform a Takedown through a weak wooden wall.
  • Choke Slam - Knock down an enemy with the Dive Bomb Tackle and take him down with a Ground Takedown.
  • Scare Tactics - Appear out of nowhere to surprise a terrified enemy.


  • Three Strikes - Strike three different armed enemies.
  • Confiscated Weapon - Disarm an enemy with the Grapple Gun and take him down (upgrade required).
  • Have a Nice Trip - Slide into an enemy and then knock him out on the ground.

Bruce Wayne[]

  • Smash Landing - Smash through a weak ceiling onto an enemy to take him down.
  • Grate Moves - Perform a Takedown while crawling under a floor grate.
  • Over the Ledge - Hang from a ledge and pull an enemy down.