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Batman, fighting some thugs with the Shock Gloves in Arkham Origins.

The Shock Gloves are a set of electrified gauntlets worn by the Electrocutioner and later Batman.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

The Electrocutioner used the Shock Gloves to try to kill Batman on Penguin's ship, the Final Offer, but was easily taken down by a kick to the face. When Black Mask reunited all of the assassins at the Royal Hotel, Electrocutioner was killed by being thrown out from the window. Batman then took the Shock Gloves from his body and used them for the rest of the incident.

Batman used the Shock Gloves as a defibrillator to restart Alfred's heart after Bane dropped debris on top of him. Batman later uses the Shock Gloves to stop Bane's heart in order to stop its beats from powering the Joker's electric chair. In order to save the mercenary, Batman then uses the Shock Gloves to restart Bane's heart after the Joker left.

Assault on Arkham Incident[]

Batman used the Shock Gloves once again, this time in a version that was constructed by Batman that sported an appearance similar to brass knuckles, and pulled them out of his Utility Belt. He used them while he fought King Shark, although one of them was destroyed in the process.

Batman: Arkham Knight[]

The Shock Gloves could be seen in the Evidence Room at the GCPD Lockup, with Aaron Cash revealing that no one knows why Batman would turn in such a powerful device. Cash speculated that Batman likes to beat up people the old fashion way.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

The Shock Gloves were later transported to Batman's Batcave.


Batman: Arkham Origins[]

  • The Shock Gloves allowed Batman to penetrate the defenses of enemies with shields and stun batons, and Martial Artists, and short circuit some objects within the environment. They can penetrate the defenses of armored enemies, too, without the need of stun attacks, and lead right up to a beatdown. They also had to be recharged to be used again. If the battery was not full, the player could not use them.
  • Each normal strike with the Shock Gloves counts as 2 hits (as opposed to 1 hit without them) and each Critical Strike with them counts as 3 hits (as opposed to 2 hits without them) toward the multiplier meter.
  • It is recommended that players activate the Shock Gloves in the middle of a Special Combo attack (Instant Takedown, Multi Ground Takedown, Disarm and Destroy, Batswarm), a Beatdown Finisher or an evasion, as a poorly timed activation can easily break the combo. Such moves give more time to activate the Shock Gloves properly.



  • As shown in Origins, the gloves can be tracked as they give off a very strong and unique electromagnetic pulse. This can be used to explain why Batman had abandoned their use by the time of Batman: Arkham Asylum.
    • Cash's audio file states his confusion on the subject, as it made knocking out thugs easier.
    • The gloves replace the Remote Electrical Charge.