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"HAHAHA! Your in my world now, little bat."
—Scarecrow about how his henchmen can kill Batman now.

Skeletons are a unique type of enemy found in Batman: Arkham Asylum. They appear as greyish human Skeletons with an ominous green or red glow and mist emanating from their bodies. They are only encountered in the Scarecrow Nightmare levels and the Challenge Map of the same name - Scarecrow Nightmare. There are two variants: Normal and Titan-enhanced. Titan enhanced Skeletons behave much like the Titan Henchman, except for that they crumble instantly upon hitting a wall. When a Skeleton is hit, it makes a slight cracking noise and when defeated, it crumbles (or shatters) to a pile of bones.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Asylum incident:[]

In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman fought skeletons while under the effects of Scarecrow's fear gas. These skeletons were a hallucination, in reality they were actually Joker's Henchmen. It is unknown if the henchmen knew that Batman was under the effects of Cranes' toxin, though it is known that their allegiance was still pledged to the Joker. They were in the second and final encounters in the campaign as well as the Scarecrow Nightmare DLC map.

Arkham knight incident:[]

As Batman drove around the toxin covered city, on three occasions he was haunted by a giant version of Scarecrow, whom would summon Titan Skeletons to fight for him as part of the hallucination.[1]

Scarecrow's Nightmare Challenge Map[]

The Skeletons would arise from the ground before and during each round. They were the only enemies present in this challenge map and they took the same amount of damage to put down as standard henchmen (aside of Titans), yet they would one-shot Batman with any hit. This is their only appearance outside story mode.


Swords: Despite their appearance, they are the equivalent to pipes.

Superhuman Strength: The titan skeletons fought like actual titans except far more fragile.

Exclusive to Scarecrow Nightmare challenge map:[]

Torches: Their equivalent of Stun Batons.

Glowing Knives: Skeletons that use them are equivalent to the High Security henchman and glow red instead of green.

Assault Rifles: At a certain point, assault rifles will fall from the sky and the skeletons will rush to grab them.


  • It is revealed that these skeletons were actually inmates when Batman recovers from the third hallucination and multiple unconscious inmate bodies surround him.
  • In the campaign, skeletons and titan skeletons are weak compared to their fleshy counterparts, yet in the scarecrows nightmare challenge map the normal skeletons are just as resilient as thugs, though the titan skeletons remain the same.
      • In the campaign the skeletons are even insta-killed by explosive gel.
  • A Titan Skeleton goes down simply from colliding to a wall, while an actual titan henchman requires this to happen multiple times, in addition to repeated punches. This was possibly because it would take longer to fight several Titans of normal health.
  • The skeletons actually do have voices and they can be heard after Batman performs a take-down on them. They are reused lines from the henchmen.


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