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Brainiac Skull Ship KTJL

Brainiac's Skull Ship is an interstellar warship commanded by Brainiac. In fact, the ship can be considered an extension of Brainiac's body, as it's hooked directly into his brain. There have been many variations of the Skull Ship, although they mostly seem to share the form of a humanoid skull with tentacles. Most of the ship’s armaments seem to stem from the tentacles. The tentacles can scan any surface to gather information, and teleport anything that Brainiac may wish to be deployed. Its known offensive capabilities are deadly laser cannons built into the tentacles, which are powerful enough that, if they hit any member of Task Force X, the beams will inflict significant levels of damage, to such a point where only a few successful hits would be enough to incapacitate a single squad member. The beams, however, do not seem powerful enough to penetrate a promethium force field, as shown by the tentacles attempting to fire their laser cannons at the promethium shield, to no avail. In addition, the ship can also release a deadly energy pulse which is powerful enough to wipe out any form of life within a wide radius. This is demonstrated during Skull Ship jamming missions, when, if any squad member takes too long to kill enough enemies to satisfy the stated requirements within the round, the Skull Ship will release a deadly energy pulse which will incapacitate all squad members, effectively causing a Game Over to occur. The only way to avoid this is to defeat enough enemies in time and take shelter within the provided energy shield.


  • When Waller uses Lex-2's data spike to siphon off part of the ship's Coluan data, a fire bursts out of of it and damaged a section. Meaning that each subsequent time this is done, an explosion will pop out until the cumulative damage causes the ship to fully self-destruct, leaving any resources destroyed and the final Brainiac without an army.
    • By the third explosion, a purple energy is pulsing at rhe location; suggesting the power core is getting exposed.
  • Some of the corrupted enemies comment about the skull ship.
    • One wondered why the ship wasn't a full body, curiously asking why it wasn't completed.
    • Another wondered if Brainiac would repair the damage from the destruction of his first body, while the interlocutor of this conversation doubts the possibility of Brainiac pausing the invasion simply to repair the damage, before commenting that the damage gives the Skull ship a sort of ambience.
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