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The Solomon Wayne Courthouse in Arkham City.

The Solomon Wayne Courthouse was a building seen in Batman: Arkham City. It was located in the mega-prison Arkham City, during the course of the game.

It was named after the Judge, Solomon Wayne. The Courthouse appeared in the anarchic mega-prison Arkham City, in a district called Park Row. It was relatively close to the Church and Medical Center, Catwoman's Apartment, and the Monarch Theatre.


The Courthouse had three entrances: The front door, a door on the second floor and a back door. The Courthouse itself was remodeled by former Arkham Asylum inmate and gang leader, Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face.

The left side of the building was in near-perfect condition, while the right side was utterly wrecked, with fires, loose wires, and flooded rooms. That represented Dent's split personality, as one side of his body was scarred by acid burns, and was possibly in the very building that he possessed.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

The Courthouse was seen as a base for Anarky during the Christmas Eve Incident. It was heavily vandalized by Anarky and his henchmen with a lot of signs, graffiti and paintings. After Batman invaded and defeated Anarky and his henchmen, the GCPD entered and arrested Anarky. The cellar where the cells were located had yet to be built.

Arkham City Lockdown Incident[]

After a breakout at Arkham Asylum, Solomon Wayne Courthouse acted as the site of Poison Ivy's base of operations. She mind-controlled several police officers as well as Robin. She was finally defeated when Batman laid assault to her defenses.

Arkham City Incident[]

Shortly after Arkham City opened, another Arkham inmate, Julian Day, also known as Calendar Man, stumbled upon the Courthouse. Still upset that since he was locked up in Arkham Asylum, and he couldn't celebrate last year's holidays in his own murderous style, Day decided to make the building his hideout. If any poor soul entered the Courthouse for any reason, Day would overpower them and lock them in a cell in the basement of the building. The prisoner would remain in the cell until the next holiday, when Day would kill them. Two-Face, however, wanted the building, possibly because of his nostalgia, or for its good location between the hideouts of the Arkham City inmates the Joker and the Penguin. Dent, along with several members of his gang, took out Day, and locked him up in his basement cell.

Less than ten hours before Protocol 10, Two-Face brought thief Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, into the Courthouse. Catwoman had stolen a memory drive from Dent's safe in his old campaign office, and Dent brought her to the Courthouse to kill her. Beyond simply punishing Selina for stealing, Two-Face made use of her public execution to make residents of Arkham City respect, as well as fear the crime lord, and join him to take over Arkham City.

Professor Hugo Strange, the head of Arkham City, quickly found out about the trial when TYGER helicopters spotted inmates entering the courthouse. Hugo Strange, who told Catwoman the location of the memory drive, told his guards to stand down, and said, "Let Two-Face have his fun."

Batman picked up this information, stated that he should save Selina since she probably knew much about Arkham City, and quickly headed to the Courthouse. Batman overheard an inmate say that Two-Face's forces would soon have the Joker executed the same way as Catwoman. Batman eventually reached the Courthouse, and was also ignored by Strange and the TYGER Helicopters.

When Batman entered, the trial was about to start. After he murmured to himself on his plans, Two-Face started the case, by bringing down the curtains to show Catwoman hanging over an acid tank. Despite Catwoman's attempt to stay alive, Two-Face and his .45 gun persuaded the "Jury," to kill Selina. Batman, meanwhile, took out a sniper on the overlook. Batman then dropped down to the floor to reveal himself.

While most of the inmates ran away in fear, some of Two-Face's Gang stayed to kill Batman, while Two-Face frustratingly tried to shoot him.

Later that night, the Courthouse was used as a holdout for members of Riddler's gang holding Arkham guard Eddie Burlow hostage. Batman proceeded to knock out all present members of the gang before untying Eddie.

That same night, Two-Face conducted another trial in the Courthouse where most of Arkham City's most prominent criminals got to bring judgement upon The Joker. Batman later interrupted the event, thus allowing Joker to escape.

The two front entrances were later destroyed during Protocol 10, and left the back door as the only way to enter the building.



  • It was unknown why Two-Face left his two guns in the Courthouse.
  • In Arkham City, the courthouse was half burnt and half clear, which reflected Two-Face's obsession with duality. It is unknown what state it was in when Two-Face found it, or if it was made that way by Two-Face and his gang.
  • A City Story in Batman: Arkham Knight implies that the courthouse was repaired, since it was listed as the site where Quincy Sharp had been brought to trial, even though he had been brainwashed by Strange.