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Special Combo Gadget abilities cover various "new" abilities introduced in Batman: Arkham Knight. Apart from the Special Combo Batarang, the Special Combo Batclaw and the Special Combo Explosive Gel ability, other abilities are actually re-purposed from the Freeflow Focus Power Gadget ability introduced in Batman: Arkham City.

All Special Combo Gadget abilities require separate upgrades for each of Batman's gadget, and they're only available for Batman and Azrael (except the Special Combo Batclaw and the Special Combo Remote Electrical Charge which are also available for Nightwing and Batgirl) just like the Freeflow Focus Power Gadget ability. They can be performed any time while the Combo meter is full (after every eight multipliers, or five with the Special Combo Boost, are added to it).

Special Combo Gadget abilities are performed by holding the triggers or buttons for gadget use that normally require a quick tap.

Special Combo Batarang[]

In City and Origins, Batman can only throw one Combo Batarang at a time, which was downgraded from his ability to throw three in Asylum perhaps for balancing purposes, although he can throw up to three consecutively without breaking the combo. He can only throw three Batarangs simultaneously during Freeflow Focus with the Freeflow Focus Power Gadget ability.

In Knight, his ability to throw three simultaneous Combo Batarangs was restored (however, a thrown Batarang will add 10 points per multiplier before adding 1 multiplier). The Special Combo Batarang ability is therefore even more powerful. With it, Batman will throw three explosive Batarangs that can knock down even shielded enemies. This ability is only available for Batman and Azrael.

Special Combo Batclaw[]

The Special Combo Batclaw ability is available for Batman, Azrael, Nightwing and Batgirl. When using it, the character will immediately take out an enemy, by pulling him up in the air and smashing him to the ground with a Batclaw Slam. The Special Combo Batclaw Slam can even be used against Brutes, and unlike the normal Special Combo/Blade Dodge Takedowns which normally needs to be done twice to take each individual Brute down, it immediately takes them out, making it very useful in large group engagements if no nearby Environment Takedown is immediately applicable during the fight.

Special Combo Explosive Gel[]

Due to its different deployment in Knight (quick-firing on an enemy), Explosive Gel can no longer knock down enemies but merely stuns them into punching air, similar to the use of the Concussion Detonator in Origins. The Special Combo Explosive Gel ability allows a wider range of stunned enemies.