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The Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown, or simply Combo Multi Ground Takedown in Batman: Arkham Origins, is a combat Takedown in the Batman: Arkham series. It was first introduced in Batman: Arkham City, replacing Batman's Special Combo Throw in Batman: Arkham Asylum, and it was continued to be featured in all later games.


If there are floored conscious enemies, once this move is triggered, Batman or Azrael will jump high up and unleash several powerful Batarangs that immediately incapacitate those enemies. If there are none, Batman or Azrael will simply jump and landing without doing anything special.


As its name suggests, this move can only be performed once you've filled up the "Special Combo move gauge" by accumulating 8 (without the Special Combo Boost upgrade) or 5 (with the upgrade) Freeflow multipliers. Like all other Special Combo moves, it is only enabled in combat situations and it grants you brief invincibility during its animation. The default command for this move is △+○ on PlayStation, Y+B on XBox, T on PC prior to Batman: Arkham Knight, and Alt+2 on PC in Knight. This move is only available for Batman and Azrael.

As mentioned above, if there no floored conscious enemies while you're performing this move, Batman or Azrael will simply jump and do nothing special, meaning that you will only wastefully deplete the "Special Combo move gauge". Therefore, make sure that there are floored conscious enemies before you attempt this move. Note that only regular-sized enemies can be floored conscious, meaning that you can't use this move on large enemies such as Lieutenants, Titans or Brutes. Bosses such as Joker or Black Mask can also dodge this move.

There is also a brief grace period during which you can still pull off this move if an enemy is just about to stand up. In Knight, you can even pull it off on ninja/Combat Experts, which was not possible in earlier games since they recover back on their feet too quickly.

To better utilize this move, you may want to strike and floored as many enemies as possible before deploying it. You can also make use of gadgets such as Batarangs or Explosive Gel to floored multiple enemies at once. In Knight, with the return of the triple Combo Batarangs, there are even more opportunities to use this move.

Despite its name, this move is not related to the Ground Takedown, which is not a Special Combo move, therefore it constitutes a separate combat variation. And even though its animation involves Batarang throwing, no Batarang gadget variation will be counted, meaning you will still have to actually throw Batarang to get such a variation.

Despite its immense power, this move is not very fruitful, since it only yields 1 multiplier, then 10 points per multiplier per enemies incapacitated by it. And since it incapacitates enemies immediately, it may be preferable to performing it on as few enemies as possible just to get a variation. This strategy proves useful even in challenge maps where points don't matter, but multiplier counts do, because this move only add 1 multiplier. However, if you're playing in Story Mode and not very concerned about EXP, you can just use this move as often and on as many enemies as you like to quickly finish combat encounters.