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Stagg Enterprises is a pharmaceutical company run by Simon Stagg, although there are rumors of controversial elements to their research. One of their developments was the Cloudburst.


The company was founded by Simon Stagg and Alex Sartorious at some point. Simon was more a businessman than a scientist, so Alex allowed Simon to name the company after himself; Alex focused on medicine. Two good deeds the company did was during its early days was curing the Tugela virus and creating the treatment for Collier's Syndrome.

Simon then made the deal with the devil by taking weapons contracts to cover for the expenses of the company's public face. Much to Dr. Sartorious' despair, he had to make bio-weapons for black market deals because Stagg has grown too greedy for legal contracts to sate his lust for money. Even conducting human experiments.

After Arkham City[]

One of its projects was a weapons project entitled Project Meta. Using a sample of Clayface mud bought from a Gotham Rogues collector and a radiation source from Egypt, they intended to reconstruct Clayface's cellular structure to suit their needs. They went as far as obtaining weapons for their scientists to protect against industrial espionage. At some point, Penguin caught wind of it and sent Deadshot to investigate, unaware that Deadshot was working under the orders of Amanda Waller. Deadshot then enlisted Batman's aid and the two of them assaulted a Stagg Industries building, knocking out the security and facing off against one of its well-armed scientists. In the ensuing shootout, the Clayface Mud sample was able to escape.

Before Arkham Knight[]

The company entered an alliance with Scarecrow to develop an improved version of Fear Toxin. To spread it, they intended to use a medical dispersal unit called Cloudburst. Dr. Satorious was found to be making a records confession of all Stagg's evil; leading to the Militia disposing of him to keep things quiet.

Arkham Knight incident[]

Shortly after Scarecrow's escape, Stagg ended up apprehended by the GCPD for his involvement in Scarecrow's plan. The recording of Stagg's canisters in the GCPD Lockup Evidence Room also implied that the company would suffer immensely for their role in Scarecrow's plan, with Aaron Cash stating that the canister "won't be the only thing confiscated from Stagg Enterprises tonight.".


  • Stagg Enterprises as well as its CEO were not native to the Batman Comics, but they were the main antagonists of the DC Comics franchise, Metamorpho.
  • One of the victims of Professor Pyg in the Gotham's Most Wanted Side Mission, The Perfect Crime, Robert Kincaid, was a former microbiologist at the company, although he presumably fled after he was nearly made an assassination victim, presumably by Stagg to cover up some unethical research.