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Station 17 was a firefighting unit of the Gotham City Fire Department.


After Scarecrow forced a mass evacuation of Gotham by threatening to detonate a chemical bomb on Halloween night, the Station 17 unit went out to try to put out a fire. However, their truck was stopped by rioters with the members of the station being held hostage.

The Fire Chief, Raymond Underhill, had collaborated with Firefly to commit arson throughout the various districts. He also ensured the other stations were under staffed to guarantee that his unit was able to put out the various fires and not become obsolete. The Station 17 crew members were saved. Underhill was arrested for his involvement in Firefly's arson-related crimes and locked up in a maximum security prison. Underhill showed remorse for his actions and willingly accepted the consequences.

After the attack on GCPD, the Station 17 crew members are nowhere to be found.


  • Raymond Underhill - Chief
  • Ashley
  • Leary-Wood
  • Green
  • Daniell
  • Hill
  • Richardson
  • Taylor
  • Wilson
  • Lozar
  • Bliss
  • Scott
  • Adamson
  • Cannon
  • Wyatt
  • Norman