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Nightwing holding his stun batons in Batman: Arkham City

The Stun Baton was a Melee Weapon that was featured in all the Arkham Games. It was a black stick with a blue, glowing electrical tip that gave off a faint, barely audible, and high-pitched humming sound.

The Stun Baton was special in the way that it could cause damage even if its wielder was not directly attacking with it, as simply running into it caused damage. If Batman was hit by a Stun Baton, it caused slight damage and distorted his view momentarily. If Batman disarmed a thug or inmate who wielded a Stun Baton, the enemy dropped it, but it still stayed active after it was dropped. However, stepping on the weapon did not cause damage.

In all of their appearances, the default strategy when dealing with one was to jump over the enemy and hit their user from behind.

In Arkham Asylum, during Scarecrow Nightmare levels/challenges, they were replaced by fire torches, which worked similarly.

Incident reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

The sticks were used by thugs even during Batman's second year of crime-fighting.

Arkham Origins Blackgate incident[]

Several enemies wielded them in combat, and Joker attempted to defeat Batman with one.

Arkham Asylum incident[]

The first appearance of the stun baton. Several enemies wielded them in combat.

Arkham City Incident[]

Batman's enemies still used stun batons, and they worked identically as in the previous games.

Nightwing also used stun batons as his main melee weapon.

Batman could take the stun baton from an enemy and shock them during the Special Combo Takedown.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Stun Batons made their reappearance during the Arkham Knight's and Scarecrow's takeover of Gotham. They worked identically as in the previous games, but there are a few more strategies to deal with them, such as disabling them with the Disruptor (Upgrade required) or shooting them with the REC gadget, which, while didn't render it unusable, caused the stick to stun its user causing them to be launched backwards.

Brutes could switch their nanosuits to channel electricity to their hands, which worked identically as stun batons did.

They also could not be picked up from the ground, which made them one of the few melee weapons that could not be used by the player.

Nightwing once again used his stun batons as his main weapon.