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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a video game based on DC's Suicide Squad. Developed by Rocksteady Studios. It was released on February 2, 2024 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and Microsoft Windows. It is a spin-off and the fifth main game in the Batman: Arkham Series, taking place five years after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight. A tie-in comic, Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum, was also released alongside the game.

In the game Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark - members of "Task Force X" - are ordered by unit leader Amanda Waller to head into the city of Metropolis to stop the alien invader Brainiac and kill the members of the Justice League brainwashed by him.

Like the earlier Arkhamverse games, combat plays to the strengths of each member of the Suicide Squad, mixed with elements of gun-play. Unlike the earlier Arkhamverse games, Kill the Justice League allows players to tackle the story by themselves or upwards to three other players via Co-Op Multiplayer.


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Kill the 12 remaining Brainiacs and recruit survivors of Elseworlds (and of the primary universe) into the Suicide Squad.

Season One

Season of the Joker

  • Episode 1: Fear

Green Lantern shielding applied to Troopers on high levels of Joker World. Brainiac boss mimics Green Lantern.

  • Episode 2: Duality

Green Lantern infused Troopers appears along with infused Tanks, supplementing the Choppers. Brainiac Boss mimics Superman.

Season 2

Season of Mrs Freeze

  • Episode 3: Frozen Hearts

Brainiac boss mimics Superman and Flash

  • Episode 4: Winter

Brainiac boss mimics Green Lantern and Superman.


  • The game's story takes place 5 years after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • This is the second game in the Arkham series to have an online multiplayer mode, with the first being Batman: Arkham Origins.
  • This is the first Arkhamverse game to not feature Batman as the title or main character.
    • At random points when playing in the open world, Batman will actually watch and study any of the fights between the Suicide Squad and Brainiac's forces from afar. However, once he is dealt with later in the story this will no longer happen.
  • The first playable DLC character after launch, as part of the Season One update, was a Joker from an alternate Earth.
  • The game features three members of the Suicide Squad that were killed off before the events of the game or have been changed in some sort of way; King Shark died in Batman: Assault on Arkham, Captain Boomerang was killed during the Arkham Knight comics, and Deadshot is a completely new person.
    • Boomerang and Shark's deaths were featured in now non-canon media, explaining why they are alive and no one questions it.
    • The Deadshot of the past Arkham games is confirmed to have travelled from Earth-2, explaining why there are two Floyd Lawton's in the Arkhamverse.
  • The game's cover art is designed to look similar to how the camera is positioned during the game over screens in past Arkhamverse games.
  • The game will receive post-launch content, such as new playable characters, new additional missions and new weapons.
  • The game marks Kevin Conroy's final contribution to the Arkhamverse, as he passed away in November 2022, not long after he had finished work on the game, and marking his final video game voice role as Batman.
    • As such, the character's fate in the game gained heavy criticism and controversy online following the entirety of the game's plot and cutscenes being leaked after it's early access release, with some fans considering the way Batman's story was concluded to be incredibly disrespectful to not only the Arkhamverse and its version of the character as a whole, but to Kevin Conroy himself as the game was released after his death.
    • However, one YouTube fan discovered 12 hidden calendars in the game. When the matching letter is found for each, it spells out "He will return" with December 14 marked with a Bat symbol. This implies Rocksteady already planned to bring Batman back in foresight of the fans' love of Kevin Conroy. This also supports datamined audio related to the Flash that revealed that possibly, over the following seasons, the Justice League would be brought back to life, as not only does the audio have a character refer to the Flash recovering after his "resurrection", along with audio of the Flash himself not sure how he was alive again, but Somoa Joe, the voice actor for King Shark, revealed that Conroy had actually recorded more lines for Batman that wasn't featured yet in the game, further supporting the "He will return" message.
  • Any attempt to press the melee button in the Hall of Justice will result in the currently selected character to experience a strong electric shock in their head.
  • This game is dedicated to the memory of not only Kevin Conroy, but also that of Matthew White, one of the senior AI programmers working on the game. According to his younger sister, he had died of excessive emotional stress to his system caused by the constant criticism by beta testers during the production of the game. He had been frustrated by the constant criticism to such a point where the game had changed him, emotionally, and he had taken the negative comments personally, despite advice from his sister not to take said comments personally. A memorial to him was added to the game in the square metropolis, which was approved by his sister, who cannot play console games anymore, as she does not want to be reminded of White’s death.
  • If enough time passes without selecting a mission, a random squad member will call the player out and pester them into picking a mission


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