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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League[]

  • "One of the world's finest heroes, snuffed out... by THIS."
  • "Sure, sure. You can tell Wonder Woman all about it." (Harley Quinn)
  • "All my life, I moved heaven and earth to protect you."
  • "Now is when most people would start to pray."
  • "I don't think you can afford a setback. You're already on THIN ICE."
  • "Harley, it's ONE strike, and you're out." (Harley Quinn)
  • "Think I can hit a homerun?"
  • "You might have been villains to Batman. Even to Flash, and Lantern, with their borrowed powers. But to me? C'mon."
  • "On fire is not a natural state for sharks!" (King Shark)
  • "What's got ya so heated, Floyd?" (Deadshot)
  • "If the Kryptonite doesn't work, maybe try begging. A little devotion goes a long way."
  • "Harley... You've always been below my pay grade." (Harley Quinn)
  • "You're a long way from Gotham, Harley. And you're going to die here." (Harley Quinn)
  • "C'mon, stare down the barrel, Lawton. Isn't that your thing." (Deadshot)
  • "All I've sacrificed for this planet, all the battles I've fought for you. Braniac's right, you NEVER deserved me."
  • "I'd be lying if I said this won't hurt."
  • "You're never gonna understand, are you? There's only one way this ends."
  • "I heard you were lazy, Boomerang. But, sleeping on the job." (Captain Boomerang)
  • " Hey, Harkness... Wanna have a staring contest." (Captain Boomerang)
  • "I could just boil you alive, Shark." (King Shark)
  • "I know you feel my power. Your death is inevitable. Let that comfort you."
  • "This will feel AWFUL. Bright side: Soon you won't feel anything at all."
  • "What's wrong Harley? Getting cold feet?" (Harley Quinn)
  • "Hey Boomerang-- how hard do I have to hit you, so you DON'T come back?" (Captain Boomerang)