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Record Breaker is a predator challenge map in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

There are two special variants, Extreme and Hell's Hacienda (for the Joker DLC)



  • Smash Landing - Smash through a glass ceiling onto a henchman below to take him down.
  • Hang Time - Perform an Inverted takedown from a vantage point.
  • Break Your Fall - Drop down on top of a henchman and then knock him out on the ground.


  • The Magic Number - Use the Triple Batarang to knock down 3 henchmen with one throw.
  • Kick Off - Use the Line Launcher to kick a henchman off an edge and knock him out.
  • Hit and Run - Punch an armed henchman.

Hell's Hacienda[]

When played as the Joker, there are no medals, and the only objective is to simply kill everybody and survive.