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The Confiscated Goods Vault is a large underground vault used by the Hugo Strange and his TYGER Guards to contain any confiscated goods from the Arkham City Prisoners.

It appears to be located just outside Arkham City and is watched over from the vault security room which houses computers, servers and a primary vault terminal used to open the vault itself.


With a huge metal door as its only entrance, the vault contains numerous crates and lockers. A security protocol is necessary to enter the vault requiring three keycards that need to be inserted into the main computer. The vault also has a failsafe that would activate if an intruder was spotted and the vault would go into permanent lockdown.

Arkham City Incident[]

Strange's Confiscated Goods Vault was a vault that contained, as its name states, confiscated goods. Catwoman wanted to steal two briefcases, and with Poison Ivy's help, she is able to break in. But instead of escaping Arkham City with her loot, she chooses to save Batman, who was fighting Joker's Henchmen, and after a collapse of the ceiling in the Funhouse at the Steel Mill, became stuck in the rubble.


  • Within the vault lies Bane's teddy bear, Osito, as well as bags full of cash and Poison Ivy's orchid plant.
  • This is one of the few locations in Batman: Arkham City that cannot be entered by Batman.
  • According to Catwoman, the guards here are unaware of the security protocol and can't open the vault.
  • According to a TYGER guard, the vault has intruder drills.