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"We have a positive ID on Batman, he is engaging multiple inmates. --- He's kicking the crap out of these guys."

TYGER helicopters are the vehicles used by TYGER security in Arkham City, for surveillance and assault.

Additionally, Batman can grapple onto the undercarriage of the vehicle and hitch a ride as the in-game description informs that "The skids of this vehicle provide a suitable point to survey the city."


Sentry gun[]

They have a bottom-mounted autocannon similar to TYGER sentry guns save these are also equipped with a spotlight to aid with surveillance; when a target is spotted, the spotlight turns red when a target is spotted. This weapon can be temporarily disabled.


The missiles are mounted on the sides of the helicopter in two launchers. This armament subsystem is extremely deadly and are used to demolish buildings or groups of inmates. The missiles cannot be disabled.

Technical aspects[]


The helicopters have a main top rotor on the top engine and a tail with three wings and a NOTAR device instead of a back rotor.


Propulsion is provided by two main jet engines above the door entrance and just below the top engine, and jet engine thrusters on the back.


The cockpit has two doors on each side with windows and a front windshield. Radio communication can be heard.


The middle section is directly behind the cockpit.

Small bottom compartment[]

The small bottom compartment holds only one thing: the master control program in a storage device..

Known Units[]

  • Air TYGER 54.


  • It's best to grapple when out of the vehicle's sight.


  • TYGER helicopters don't get highlighted in Thief vision and cannot be grappled onto by Catwoman.
  • The helicopter pilots will acknowledge if Batman is in a fight and will also comment on the fight.
  • The helicopter can be provoked by Batman if he fires the Remote Electrical Charge at it and will engage him regardless of what it was doing before.
  • The helicopter can't be provoked by Catwoman and will never attack her. Additionally, it takes no action if she's spotted by the spotlight.
  • The helicopter's missiles aren't actually used until Protocol Ten but can still be seen with Detective Vision.