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TYGER sentry guns are a mechanical enemy used to protect TYGER facilities in Batman: Arkham City.

Positioned at the entrance and exit points of Arkham City, the sentry guns are fast, powerful, and extremely accurate. Often Riddler Trophies are located near them, increasing the difficulty to obtain them. They can be circumvented either through the use of the Disruptor or bypassing their location entirely such as via a floor grate.

In-game Description[]

"TYGER sentry turret protects access to TYGER restricted areas."

Technical Aspects[]

TYGER sentry guns have a 180-degree field of view.


unlike the Arkham knight militia sentry gun these have no outer covering and no weak point.


the Tyger sentry gun has two sensors(one on the stand and one above the gun) and can detect multiple targets at once even though the smoke, rendering the smoke pellet useless against them.


The stand has it's own static sensor built-in so that something can't bypass its sight by moving when the gun isn't looking forward, This double sight makes it impenetrable to anyone who can't disable them.

Fire Rate[]

it has a high fire rate as it can stop ALL quick throw gadgets even with very quick succession. it can also turn and shoot very quickly to stop many targets coming from different directions.

Stopping Power[]

the value for the stopping power is unknown, but it's strong enough to blow back batman with a single shot.

Ammo Count[]

infinite, but has no visible ammo holder.

combined power[]

the Tyger sentry gun can turn and shoot very fast, and shoot down quick throw gadgets with extreme accuracy, while also being able to do this when smoke is present. it can shoot down all projectile gadgets including batarangs, remote control Batarang, sonic Batarang, freeze blast, freeze cluster, smoke pellet, line launcher, and many others.


Penguin Variant[]

"TYGER sentry turret protects access to TYGER restricted areas. Repurposed by Penguin to protect his valuables."

This variation of the standard TYGER Sentry Gun is identical in all ways to the original save for their in-game description and the fact they are used by Penguin to protect his valuables. It is unknown how Penguin obtained these.

harly quin variant[]

description unknown.

these are the same as normal.

Arkham origins[]

These sentry guns also appear in Arkham Origins though it's never explained why.

Other Than their numbers, These are the almost same ones from Arkham City, as the Arkham city sentry guns will stay, even if inactive, whereas the Arkham origins version will permanently disappear after being deactivated and left.


There are only two in the game and can be found.

  • one in Black Mask's office in the Sionis steel mill.

This one doesn't require the disruptor and can be circumvented via a vent above it. also note

  • The Gotham Royal hotel on the nineteenth floor west tower.

This one must be disabled using the disruptor, As there is no way to bypass it. It's also positioned close enough to stop the player from charging the electrical box there.



*These being in Arkam Origins leads to some confusion as These are TYGER sentry guns, but before Arkham city, meaning these were either; not manufactured by TYGER or TYGER did exist at that time.