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Terminal Velocity is a A.R Challenge Map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It is located on the Grand Central Station, on Miagani Island. The challenge consists of several default Militia Soldiers, one Minigunner and one Tracker. This challenge can be launched from Free Roam.

The default playable character is Batman.



  • Take out the minigunner with an environmental takedown.
  • Perform a fear takedown through a weak wall.
  • Take out an enemy by hacking an object using the RHD.


  • Perform 2 environment takedowns
  • Blind a sentry gun then take it out
  • Remain unseen


  • Fear takedown four enemies at once
  • Perform a takedown through glass ceiling or floor
  • Remain unseen


  • Perform a pounce attack from a vantage point
  • Stun 3 enemies with caltrops
  • Remain unseen


  • Perform a fear multi takedown from a grate
  • Take out a sentry gun first
  • Remain unseen


  • Perform a weak wall takedown
  • Leave the sentry gun active
  • Remain unseen

Harley Quinn[]

  • Stun enemy with jack-in-box then perform a ground takedown
  • Pounce attack then ground takedown an enemy
  • Complete within 5:00

Red Hood[]

  • Shoot 3 stunned enemies
  • Shoot 2 thugs through windows
  • Remain unseen


  • Due to the surprisingly large playable area around the station, this map allows some exploration when playing as allies. This can provide several good photo mode opportunities. (November update required)