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Terry and Tracy Trask.

Terry and Tracy Trask were twin siblings and low-level Gotham City criminals.

Incident Reports[]

Because of his natural affinity for pairs, Two-Face allowed Terry and Tracy to join his gang. He sent them to guard containers of Titan recovered from the Gotham River after the Arkham Asylum riots. Two-Face did not consider them smart enough to pull off a coup on their own, but they used the underground bunker of Two-Face's lair to experiment with Titan, greatly enhancing their strength.

They soon turned on Two-Face and his men, killing half of them and putting Two-Face into traction, leaving him to be cared for by Sugar and Spice.

They attacked the dedication ceremony for the repaired City Hall. Batman flew in, having learned about them from Two-Face. He coated his fists and boots with the same Explosive Gel he used to subdue the Titan-enhanced Joker and attacked. Batman shot the twins with several tranquilizer darts, whereupon they communicated with their unseen boss, who triggered explosive devices implanted in the twins' bodies. Before they died, they clasped arms and proclaimed "T&T FOREVER!"

The explosion destroyed City Hall, killed three hundred people, and gave Mayor Quincy Sharp the leeway to declare martial law in Gotham City and commence the building of Arkham City. The twins' unseen boss turned out to be none other than Professor Hugo Strange, who was eventually appointed Director of Arkham City.


  • Their names are a play on the acronym TNT.