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Not the Batcave you were looking for? See Batcave (Disambiguation)

The Batcave is a predator challenge map in Batman: Arkham City. The challenge consists of several TYGER guards, and takes place on the iconic Batcave. It's one of the three DLC challenge maps that aren't a part of any character DLC, along with Iceberg Lounge VIP Room and The Joker's Carneval.

A remastered version of the challenge map appeared in Batman: Arkham Knight, as a part of the community challenge pack.


Batman- Arkham City - The Batcave -as Batman- - Predator Challenge

Medals (Arkham City)[]


  • Shock Tactics - Shoot a henchman with the REC Gadget and cause him to fire into the air, scaring another henchman.
  • Weapon Jam - Use the Disruptor on one henchman's gun.
  • Boomerang Batarang - Knock down a henchman with the Reverse Batarang and then take him down with a silent takedown as he looks the wrong way for Batman.


  • Caltrop Trip - Knock down an enemy with the Caltrops and then take him down.
  • Whipped Up - While climbing on the ceiling perform a Takedown on an enemy above you.
  • Hit and Run - Punch an armed henchman.


  • Snap Flashed - Knock down 1 henchman with a snap flash and then take him down.
  • Venting Anger - Perform a Takedown through a vent cover on a henchman.
  • Blast Zone - Explode a weak wall on a henchman to knock him out.


  • Pound the Beat - Knock down 1 henchman with the Electrical Blast, then take him down.
  • Confiscated Weapon - Use the Batclaw to disarm a henchman, then take him down (upgrade required).
  • Clothes Line - Perform a takedown while travelling on the Line Launcher.

Medals (Arkham Knight)[]


  • Take out an enemy after hitting them with the Reverse Batarang (Upgrade Required)
  • Take out an enemy when he realizes his gun has been Disrupted
  • Startle an enemy by hitting another enemy with the REC


  • Take out an enemy with a weak wall explosion
  • Perform a Vent Takedown
  • Perform a Beatdown on a camouflaged enemy


  • Punch an enemy
  • Perform a Ceiling Takedown
  • Stun an enemy with Caltrops and then take them out


  • Perform 3 Silent Takedowns
  • Perform 2 Batclaw Slams
  • Electrical Blast an enemy then take them out


  • Take no damage
  • Do not use Detective Mode
  • Do not use the Grapnel Gun

Harley Quinn[]

  • Perform 2 Ledge Takedowns
  • Takedown 3 enemies in Laughing Gas
  • Startle 4 enemies with Harley


  • Perform a Line Launcher Takedown
  • No Silent Takedowns
  • Perform 3 Inverted Takedowns

Red Hood[]

  • Hit an enemy with a Flash Bang then take them out
  • Finish with a Silent Takedown
  • Perform 3 Pounce Attacks


  • This is one of the three challenge maps in City in which The Riddler isn't providing the commentary, and is replaced with the Batcomputer. The other's are Iceberg Lounge VIP Room and The Joker's Carnival, which feature The Penguin and The Joker, respectively.
  • The cave includes several Easter eggs and references to the Batman lore, such as a robotic dinosaur and the tires that Jason Todd was trying to steal from the Batmobile on his first appearance on the comics.
    • In both games, the robotic dinosaur can be interacted with a button near it. In Knight, it can also be activated with the RHD, being marked as "Unstable material". In addition, it's a targetable location with the Voice Synthesizer, but the announcer won't say anything.