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The Carpenter worked on behalf of other supervillains to fortify and repair their lairs.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Underworld Incident[]

The Carpenter appears as a constructor who can be utilized to create items purchased from the black market, as well as advance these when they are upgraded. She can be seen at work when constructing new extensions to the hideout. It is possible to attain two Carpenters by way of in-app purchases. Her vehicle identifies her business name as J.D. Carpentry, located at Gotham North in 340 Main Avenue.

Before Arkham City Incident[]

Jenna Duffy was a member of the Wonderland Gang, Jervis Tetch's first criminal organisation. At some point she left the gang and went into legitimate business with carpentry as her trade. One night, she had just won a large pile of winnings in a gambling game, when soldiers from TYGER entered the establishment looking for her. Jenna quickly snuck out and realized that she had to leave Gotham soon. So she began drilling into an ATM to prepare for her departure. She quickly realized that she was being followed and headed back to her vehicle.

As she was trying to leave she had a run-in with Batman. Jenna attacked the Batmobile with a drill but she was quickly subdued by Batman. After Jenna explained her situation, Batman promised to investigate and offered her a one-way bus ticket to her hometown of Keystone City. Batman then explained that she had to leave her van and belongings behind. Jenna reluctantly followed his instructions, but her old Wonderland Gang ratted her out, giving Hugo Strange the tools to have her captured by TYGER anyway.

Arkham City Incident[]

The Carpenter is briefly shown on one of Hugo Strange's monitor screens, attempting to flee Gotham by bus.

Arkham Unhinged Incident[]

She was incarcerated in Arkham City where she was located by her old gang. Tetch used one of his mind-control chips to force her to work for him again. When Batman broke up the Wonderland Gang in Arkham City, he freed Duffy, who elected to hire herself out to the various supervillains in the city, using her skills as a carpenter to repair and fortify their lairs. She had billboards up in the city advertising her 'home repair' skills.

Shortly afterward, Two-Face gave her a place on his jury to convict the Joker of his responsibility for the creation of Arkham City. She helped Dent's 'court' convict Joker of the charges because after doing a job for him in one of his hideouts, the Joker had placed bombs in it and planned to blow it up with her still inside. In the fight after the trial ended, she threw Two-Face's gavel at the back of Mad Hatter's head, avenging Hatter's earlier kidnapping of her.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Jenna apparently has established a business called Jenna's Furniture on Miagani Island.