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The Nexus is a program designed by Lex-2 and Hack to search for Elseworlds that Brainiac is attacking.

Incident Report[]

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Incident[]

After destroying all of Brainiac's terraformers, the Squad is informed about the program. Unfortunately it only had Earth-2 at the time, which leads to them defeating the first of Brainiac's bodies.

Another Earth is later found, with the Squad learning of an alternate version of the Joker being held captive for experiments.

Worlds by Mission[]

  • Finite Crisis (Earth-2)
  • Fear (Joker Earth)
  • Duality (Joker Earth


  • Waller stated that Hack is using every available computer, tablet, smartphone and anything else that can process data within 100 miles to boost the speed in which they can track down the other Earths.
    • In Duality, Waller and Hack state that Brainiac is looking for another Earth to invade; implying he hasn't a full grasp of the other universes
      • Additionally there are small pockets of snow from the Season 2 world.
  • Brainiac Hit List shows the remaining 12 are in 6 groups of 2; plus Brainiac has two of his doubles on Joker Earth.
    • Heavily imply3d that theres only six Elseworlds and two Brainiacs per world.