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The Penguin's Henchmen are a large group of criminals who served the Penguin.


Unlike Joker's Henchmen or even Two-Face's Gang, Penguin's Henchmen were perhaps the most hostile and skilled of the gangs. That was because Penguin's gang was comprised of some of the toughest and hardest criminals in Gotham City who honed their skills in Penguin's Gladiator Pits or some of them were actually professional mercenaries that were hired and selected by Penguin himself.

Much like their counterparts', Penguin's thugs wore their bosses' themed costumes. Penguin's thugs clothing was made up of combat and military themed gear. Head gear often was a Penguin-like ski mask, and in some cases a black beanie, or neck gaiter. Because of Penguin's dealings in the Black Market, his thugs were the first to get their hands on military grade gear such as mines, night-vision goggles, large knives and even heart-beat monitors. Some thugs even wore body armor similar to that worn by TYGER guards in Arkham City. A testament to their skill was shown when they actually managed to capture a League of Assassins Ninja.

While Joker enjoyed killing those who failed him as an act of fun, Penguin killed his failed goons as a means of example and in brutal and sadistic ways. It was surely possible that Penguin killed his men through the use of the elements such as displayed throughout the Museum War Room, and there were two display cases that housed various thugs that were killed through extreme heat and cold. However, Penguin's favorite form of torture was feeding his victims to Tiny and/or sending them to be killed by Solomon Grundy.

It was shown that Penguin was the only one of the three gangs to have some sort of recruitment system in-game. In order for those to prove worthy of joining him, the inmates fought through dozens of other inmates in the hopes of standing next to Penguin. Joining the Penguin was seen as a favorable choice for criminals, especially those incarcerated in Arkham City. Many desired the choice to join because of the Penguin's large stockpile of weapons, clothing suitable for the harsh weather, luxury items like alcohol, and because the Penguin was arguably the most level headed of the gang leaders.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

Cobblepot hired some men to work for him so he could start his own criminal career and put The Falcone Crime Family out of business.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

On Christmas Eve, Penguin's men were at Amusement Mile, including onboard the Final Offer. Penguin's men wore welding or leather gloves, winter hats, jackets, hoodies, puffy orange vests, and numerous colored penguin themed sweaters.

Batman faced hordes of Penguin's gang in order to get to Penguin on the Final Offer to interrogate him for information that regarded the bounty on his head. After Batman left the GCPD Building, Barbara Gordon contacted him to use the Disruptor on 6 Armed Weapons Caches of Penguins. Batman beat up Penguin's men to in order to destroy the Armed Weapon Caches.

Some of Penguin's Henchmen were disloyal. Several reported to Enigma, and gave information on their boss that Enigma would use to extort him. Batman found the Disloyal Grunts and interrogated them to find the Extortion Data.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

On New Years Eve, Penguin's Henchmen looked the exact same as the main game and some were with or without headgear. Penguin's men who had the cryo-weapons, wore thermal imaging vision goggles, breathing apparatuses, heavy jackets with Penguin's emblem, & knee pads.

Penguin's men were first seen when they invaded Wayne Manor on New Years Eve and were led by Mr. Freeze, who wanted Ferris Boyle. When Bruce Wayne didn't hear Alfred Pennyworth, he started fighting Penguin's men in order to get to the Batcave. After he put on the Batsuit, Batman rescued Alfred, Vicki Vale, and several other party goers from Penguin's men in the Library. Batman fought more of Penguin's men in order to save Boyle, but was quickly intercepted by Freeze and was frozen. Batman broke free and fought Penguin's men. Then, Batman saw one of Penguin's Henchmen with a cryo-weapon freeze the door to the Ballroom shut. Then, Batman entered the Ballroom from the balcony and fought more of Penguin's Henchmen. Batman interrogated one henchman who said that they were all supposed to meet up in South Gotham. Batman then headed to South Gotham in the Batwing.

In Gotham City, Penguin's men were all over Coventry, the Diamond District, and GothCorp as well. During Batman's fight with Freeze, Penguin's Henchmen fought with Freeze in order to kill Batman. After that, all of Penguin's men were arrested and sent to Blackgate Prison.

During the events, Penguin's men were more like Freeze's men regardless of the deal. In some of the dialogues like in Wayne Manor, Vicki Vale asked one of Penguin's Henchmen what turned their boss' skin blue, which referred to Mr. Freeze, but one thug said that he wasn't their boss, and that the Penguin was instead. The other thug interrupted and said "Shut up", and the other one said "Oh, yeah." While gliding around South Gotham during a conversation, one of Penguin's Henchmen wanted to join Freeze because of how Penguin was, but the other didn't, and cited that he did not want to work for a freak. During the final showdown, after Batman defeated waves of Penguin's men, Freeze would say: "We made a deal. Now honor our bargain." One of the men said in a worried tone or excited tone: "Yes, Mr. Freeze." which further implied that Penguin's men, at least for the DLC sake, were more Freeze's men. Another point of evidence was that some men did use Freeze's cryo-weaponry.

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident[]

Penguin's men wore prison hoodies, Penguin ski masks, and black & grayish white-colored clothes. Penguin's men were located in the Cell Blocks, due to the fact that Penguin took them over, which was also where the Arkham Wing was located. Penguin's men were also on the watch for Batman when he entered the Lighthouse.

Assault on Arkham Incident[]

When the Suicide Squad were dispatched into Gotham City, they went to the Iceberg Lounge for supplies. There, alongside Penguin himself, a few gang members were with Cobblepot. When Penguin spotted Harley Quinn hiding behind Deadshot, Penguin and his men prepared to open fire. They eventually held their fire when Deadshot reminded Penguin about the plans to get them into Arkham Asylum as well as the severe consequences the crime lord would suffer for double-crossing his clients had he gone through with slaying her.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident[]

When the new prison, Arkham City, was opened all of the criminals at Blackgate and Arkham Asylum got placed in the new facility.

Arkham Underworld Incident[]

Arkham City Lockdown Incident[]

A group of Penguin's Henchmen went to the sewers of Gotham for unknown reasons.

Arkham City Incident[]

Penguin and his men were present for Bruce Wayne's incarceration and wasted no time to capture him as soon as he was in the prison. Penguin's men dragged Wayne to a nearby alley for their boss to beat the playboy. However, before Cobblepot could throw the first punch, Wayne grabbed his hand and broke it, Oswald then ordered his men to kill Wayne. Bruce used this to his advantage and broke free from his restraints and defeated Penguin's men.

Later, after Batman was infected with the TITAN disease from the Joker, he tracked Mr. Freeze to the old GCPD building only to find it guarded by Joker's men. After talking with a starving Political Prisoner on the opposite roof who witnessed Joker's gang butcher the Penguin's, he went in, took out all of Penguin's men and interrogated the last thug who told him that Freeze was with Penguin in the Museum.

Batman then headed to the Museum, but before he could get there, Oswald had his men blow up all bridges between Park Row and the Amusement Mile to cut off the Joker's crew. However while doing this, he left his men with the crazy clown's crew and left them to die at their hands. Most if not all of Penguin's men that were left there died or escaped into the sewers. After Batman reached the Museum, he realized that he needed to destroy 3 signal disruptors in order to bypass Penguin's security. Cobblepot's men had set up 3 disruptors in and around the Bowery and were under strict instructions to guard them from Batman. However after Batman destroyed the first two, Cobblepot's men had set the last one up in an abandoned subway station underground. Batman went down there and defeated over a dozen of Penguin's goons and destroyed the last disruptor.

Now that Batman was in the Museum, he would fight Penguin's entire army. He first encountered and defeated them when they were holding an undercover cop hostage. Batman then faced up to 30 prisoners who all wanted to join Penguin's gang, but were all defeated, much to Oswald's displeasure. After Batman bested all prisoners, Cobblepot revealed he had a TITAN super solider entrapped above the Gladiator Pit, and released it, in the hopes of killing Batman, but obviously it failed. Penguin's men wouldn't be encountered until he either went to the War room or the Armory. If he went to the Armory, he would find Freeze's suit being held by 7 armed men with thermal vision goggles, allowing them to see Bats hiding in the dark. Batman was able to defeat them all and save the cops held captive. When Batman ventured to the War room, he faced Penguin's enforcer, Captain Sickle, and more thugs.

After Batman rescued Freeze and finished Solomon Grundy, the Penguin was defeated. Freeze then locked Cobblepot in the display case that was originally meant for Bruce Wayne. With their boss captured, many of Penguin's gang decided to lie low while others remained at their positions in the hopes of Penguin's return. The rest simply abandoned Penguin altogether. Those who did stay in Penguin's territory were either killed off by Two-Face's Gang during their takeover of the Museum or immediately joined Two-Face soon after. With their base of operations lost, thousands of Penguin's men fled down into the Sewer/Subway in the hopes of survival. However, the sewer was far from a safe haven. Killer Croc, who was forced to live there because of Hugo Strange, killed and fed on dozens of them. Joker's crew were also in the sewers hunting down what was left of Penguin's men. However, the Joker's men were given the opportunity to allow the Penguin's men to join Joker and live.

However, that offer was ineffective, as most of Joker's goons wished to simply kill off Penguin's men because they were either mercenaries (who many inmates stated that they couldn't be trusted), or merely for the fun of it. Many of their bodies were stacked in a pile at the entrance to the Subway.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Nine months later, remnants of Penguin's Henchmen were among the groups that joined Scarecrow to take Batman down. Despite their loss in the gang war, they seemed to have rebuilt their forces and continue being among the most hostile factions.

The Penguin's new muscle comprised of a motorcycle gang known as the Street Demonz, who swore their alleigence to him. They mostly wore vests, T-shirts, spiked helmets, jeans, and some had gas masks. They were assigned to guard the weapons caches that Penguin had hid around the city. Others joined the riots throughout the night. In order to question Penguin about Scarecrow, Batman tracked several of his henchmen using a Disruptor hand delivered by Nightwing. He used the tracking ammo to follow the men's car back to Henry's Repair Shop on Miagani Island. The Penguin himself was inspecting the profits they made that night until Batman arrived questioning him where the Arkham Knight took Barbara Gordon. Several henchmen were trying to beat Batman from behind, but he simply countered them and kept questioning the Penguin. After Batman got what he wanted, he tossed Cobblepot into two of his henchmen. The Penguin got away, but told his men to kill Batman before he left. Nightwing arrived to help Batman defeat the gang. They were all eventually defeated.

Using the Disruptor again, Batman followed two more henchmen back to Sionis Industries on Bleake Island. Nightwing help Batman infiltrate the place and take out the men along with another weapons cache. Batman used the Disruptor to follow two henchmen's car back to the third cache. The third hideout was The Grinning Fishmonger on Founders' Island. Nightwing again assisted Batman in taking down the men and the cache.

Nightwing gave Batman intel on another truck in the canal of Bleake Island. Batman followed the truck to Gotham's Water Filtration Plant. Batman found he couldn't get in through the door, so he went through the sewers. He was met with many armed henchmen, but took them out. After destroying the cache, Batman got a message from Penguin saying that he kidnapped Nightwing and that the Bat was getting what he deserved.

Using a tracker in Nightwing's suit, Batman found his location. He was being held in the AmerTek Building on Founders' Island. The place was heavily guarded with armed men on the roof. After infiltrating the building, he found that Penguin's men were torturing Nightwing for fun. Batman broke his former protegé free and defeated the men.

When their boss was arrested, they screamed that it was great to see him again, despite the fact that they were all imprisoned.

GCPD Lockdown[]

Various members of Penguin's gang, presumably those who had avoided arrest, were tasked with helping Penguin break out of the GCPD. The group was split into two units. One, located in Bludhaven Docks, was to retrieve a stash of money that Penguin stowed away around the time Batman started interfering with his operations; The other, located within Gotham itself, was to bust Penguin out of jail. However, the former party ended up being beaten by Nightwing upon returning to Bludhaven, causing him to learn about the attempted breakout and go back to Gotham. In addition, due to miscommunication between Penguin and his forces regarding when to cut the power, the thugs under his employ ended up accidentally sealing him inside an elevator before the latter actually left the compound. As a result, several thugs also had to reroute power, only to be taken out by Nightwing and presumably arrested alongside their boss.


Arkham Origins[]

Responding to Penguin (Terrified)[]

  • "I can't take this abuse anymore!"
  • "This ain't what I signed up for!"
  • "Why'd I sign up with this guy, anyway?"
  • "We're all gonna die, ain't we?"
  • "I hate the boss. I hate the guy we're supposed to kill. And I hate myself for taking this friggin' job!"
  • "Even the BOSS is FREAKIN' out!"
  • "We can't do this without help!"
  • "Why doesn't he send more guys?!"
  • "Why the hell did I sign up with this guy?!"
  • "That's it. If I survive this, I'm DONE!"
  • "Why don't he send us some help?!"
  • "Can't take this no more!"
  • "We're on our own down here! What do you expect?"
  • "Okay, is that really necessary?!"
  • "No amount of money's worth going through this!"
  • "He don't know what we're going through!"
  • "Why's he yelling at us?!"
  • "Ain't getting our asses kicked punishment enough?"
  • "The boss sounds as freaked out as we are!"
  • "Never thought it would get this bad."
  • "Can't handle the pressure."
  • "I know what I gotta do, man. Back off!"
  • "I hate working for this jerk!"

Arkham Knight[]

  • "Hey, Boss, you're here! We're all back together!"
  • "Hey, It hasn't been the same without ya!"



  • They were one of the most well-equipped gangs in the Arkham Games, and were topped only by TYGER and the Arkham Knight's Militia.
  • Despite being the most advanced, disciplined, and organized gang in the entire Arkham Series, they were toppled over rather easily during the Arkham Gang War after Penguin's defeat.
  • While members of Penguin's gang in Arkham Origins look similar to the ones later seen in Arkham City, they are relatively blue-collar in appearance. This reflects on the fact that Penguin was only an upstart in the criminal underworld at the time and orginally hired simple criminals off the streets.
  • In Arkham Origins, unlike Black Mask's Henchmen, Joker's Henchmen, Anarky's Henchmen, or Bane's Henchmen, Penguin's Henchmen were known as criminals. However, their clothing was different from the normal criminals from the games.
  • Surprisingly, four of Penguin's thugs could be seen in the War Room after Two-Face took over. It was unknown how Dent had missed them or what they were even doing there. It was possible that Dent had re-purposed the War room into a prison cell for them.
    • These men, along with Mad Hatter's mind controlled henchmen and Penguin members who joined the Joker and Two Face, are the only known survivors of the Penguin's gang in Arkham City. 
  • Despite the fact that Penguin had men loyal to him, some did not take very kindly to his sadistic nature and his yelling at them. That was noticeable in Batman: Arkham Origins, where some of Penguin's men openly commented on his abuse.
    • NPC chatter in Batman: Arkham Knight implied that, at least by the time of that game, the reason why they chose to serve Penguin despite his more abusive treatment of them was because they realized the other gangs tended to have even worse outcomes for them if they joined. In one case, when comparing Penguin's gang with Two-Face's Gang, a criminal said that "At least with Cobblepot you know where you stand. With Dent it's fifty-fifty at best.", referring to how Two-Face randomly spares or kills his henchmen on a whim due to his obsession with duality.
  • Despite the fact that most, if not all of Penguin's men would have been killed in Arkham City, he appears to have many members make reference to those events, indicating that some survived and remained loyal.
  • Dialogue in the first part of the Gunrunner side mission reveal that Penguin's new gang is comprised of a possibly a Biker gang (due to the thug saying " He [Penguin] came up to the chapter" with "chapter" usually referring to a motorcycle gang). This would explain how he has so many members after their fall from grace in Arkham City. Along with their name; "Street Demonz" possibly could be a reference to their Biker lifestyle. Outlaw bikers are widely known for being involved in illegal gun running.
  • In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Street Demonz graffiti can be seen throughout Metropolis. In some instances you will them next to Inter Gang and Royal Flush gang graffiti after being evidently crossed out by Penguin's goons.