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The Perfect Crime is a Gotham's Most Wanted side-mission in Batman: Arkham Knight. It is available shortly after apprehending Poison Ivy.


Batman heard some strange opera music near a body chained to a wall. Batman used his deep tissue scanner and realizes that the unique parts of the victim were removed. Batman found five other victims with the same death techniques.

The enigmatic serial killer unfortunately manages to claim six lives before Alfred's research points to Pretty Dolls Parlor where Batman visits, finding the killer to be none other than Professor Pyg, the ringmaster of The Circus of Strange. Pyg sends an army of Dollotrons, (humans made "perfect" through torture, lobotomy and forced insanity) to attack Batman, and eventually attacks the Dark Knight himself by hiding behind his operation table and occasionally throwing a series of cleavers Batman must counter. It's impossible for Batman to directly attack Pyg as he'll always move around the table. After all Dollotrons are defeated, Batman does an environmental takedown on Pyg and drives him and the Dollotrons to the GCPD for permanent lockup.

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Batman Arkham Knight - The Perfect Crime (Professor Pyg)



  • The name of the case is a double-meaning joke. A "perfect crime" is something that the perp can get away with without being caught by the police; Pyg is trying to make people perfect, in his twisted mind.
  • The Perfect Crime was one of the reasons why Batman: Arkham Knight got an M-rating due to how Pyg tortures his victims.
  • This is one of the many Gotham's Most Wanted missions in Batman: Arkham Knight to be a standalone story.
  • Depending on which victim is found first, Batman's reaction to the discovery is different: If the player finds any victims who aren't Anthony Lund first, Batman will note that it's not the body Aaron Cash alluded to when he mentioned the crime scene, but it nonetheless needs investigating.
  • After discovering one of the bodies, Alfred will mention that the case reminds him of a similar serial killing case that Batman investigated during his first year, right down to it even occurring on Halloween, with his also recalling that that Halloween was "a long one." This was a reference to the comic book story Batman: The Long Halloween, which also dealt with Harvey Dent's transformation into Two-Face, as well as dealing with the investigation of killings conducted by the Holiday Killer as a major part of the plot.
  • Every time Batman opens the Missing People Database at the start of the investigation, the number indicated decreases by one, due to the removal of the previous victim.
  • The victims are actually people who work at Rocksteady, with some fake Bio info thrown in.
  • The writing nearby the locations of the bodies that singularlly described the victims based on their unique features is a morbid nod to Charlotte's Web, since the title character wrote meaningful and compassionate words into her web describing what Wilbur is to her to prevent him from being killed and eaten, while in this side mission, Pyg did the same thing based on his perspective of the victims' "imperfect flaws".