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Arkham Asylum []

In Arkham Asylum, Riddler only talks alone with Batman via Batman's communication system, like Oracle  (except for his interview tapes in which he talks to Doctor Young). Batman doesn't answer to Riddlers quotes during the game.

Arkham City[]

Church/Medical Center[]

Riddler: Oh no, where have they gone? Could it be that while you were out doing what you do, I, the Riddler snuck in and took all those poor, stupid fools?

Batman: Where have you taken them?

Riddler: Questions, questions, Dark Knight. It’s not you who needs answers here, it’s me. You answer my riddles, and I tell you where they are. You answer my riddles, and they Don’t die. So, shall we begin?

1st Riddler Room

Riddler: So you decided to finally show up, did you?

Batman: Let them go, Riddler. They're innocent.

Riddler: Don’t be stupid, Dark Knight. They wouldn't find themselves in this predicament they are currently in if they had tried to think just few steps ahead now, would they? Now if you solve the room ahead and four other equally challenging ones, you save them. If you don’t, then they die, and we'll see if society crumbles at their passing.

Batman: You’re insane.

Riddler: No, that would imply either mental illness or derangement. I suffer from neither. Oh, and yes, I can see you, Batman, and I look forward to watching you fail.

Riddlers Headquarters (1st dialogue)

Riddler: That's right, worms, keep walking. You remember how to walk, Don’t you?

Aaron Cash: Riddler! When I get out of here, I’m gonna hurt you for this! You hear me!?

Riddler: Come now, Mr. Cash. In order to hurt me, you would have to break free from the predicament you currently find yourself in and attack me in such a way that does not cause me to press this remote detonator, distributing your primitive DNA all over the walls.

Aaron Cash: I’ll do it!

Riddler: You'll try. I’ll give you that, but I doubt you will succeed without blowing yourself up. Oh, and I’m sure I mentioned the remote detonator I have here. One press, Cash, and you ignorant buffoons will be all over the walls.

Aaron Cash: I can walk all night, Riddler!

Riddler: Good. Lets see if you still feel the same tomorrow.

Riddlers Headquarters (2nd dialogue)

Riddler: This cannot be happening! Do you really expect me to fall for this, Dark Knight? I know you won't kill me.

Batman: True. But you cant say the same about the others, can you?

Aaron Cash: Get your ass movin', Riddler.

Riddler: You can't tell me what to do!

Aaron Cash: Do I need to press the button?

Riddler: What? No. Oh, you'll pay for this, Batman!

Aaron Cash: You sure this thing wont work? (The explosive device on Riddler's head)

Batman: No. But there's no point in letting him know that, is there?


Arkham Origins []

(Note: In Arkham Origins, Edward Nigma hadn't proclaimed himself as The Riddler yet, and Batman chose to call him Enigma)

 1st Tower

Enigma: Well, well. If isn't the King Thug himself. Figured it was only a matter of time before you showed up. Sorry about the mess downstairs.

Batman: Who is this?

Enigma: Think of me as a great big mystery! One you’re never going to solve.

Batman: Enigma, then.

Enigma: Oh, ho, ho you must think you’re so clever. Well, how's this for clever: I've taken control of towers all over the city. As long as they're active, your Batwings useless. And it looks like it’s gonna stay that way. I mean, this one is practically BEGGING to be taken offline and you stIill cant hack it. Pun intended, of course.

Enigma: Hmmm... Black Masks not going to like this.

Batman: What are you talking about?

Enigma: Wouldn't you like to know.


 2nd Tower

Enigma: Congratulations are in order! Maybe, you’re not as stupid as I've been led to believe.

Batman: Why are you doing this, Enigma?

 Enigma: Direct! I like it. So I’ll tell you. Gotham’s sullied. It’s filled with brutes who control this city through violence and intimidation.

 Batman: You didn't answer my question.

 Enigma: Because you didn't let me finish! I want to get rid of them, Batman. To improve Gotham's intellectual and moral standing. But I’m not a thug like you. My approach is a bit more refined.

 Batman: What you’re doing is no different than stealing. There's nothing refined about it.

 Enigma: Your response is as predictable as it is banal. Goodbye.


 3rd Tower

 Enigma: Interesting! Watching you figure that one was a real treat. I’ll make sure the next one is even more provocative.

 Batman: This isn't a game, Enigma.

 Enigma: Oh, but it is! And one that you’re more than welcome to stop playing. Now - you need to stop interfering with my work. Tackling these towers is one thing - but...My handlers. My data. My network relays. Those aren't meant for you. So back off!


 4th Tower

 Enigma:But h-how?! I...I was sure you’d fail. No one is this lucky.

 Batman: You need to stop this.

 Enigma: Stop what? Cleaning up the streets? Ensuring the GCPD actually does it’s job? Removing corruption from the system? Was it one of those in particular you took issue with, or all of them?

 Batman: You’re using the data you've stolen to blackmail people.

 Enigma: So? It gets the job done. And it’s certainly kinder than the beatings you’re so fond of doling out. Think on that.


 5th Tower

 Enigma: You’re cheating aren't you? You’re getting help from someone. But who...Who’s smart enough to outsmart me?!

 Batman: No one’s helping me, Enigma. Did you ever consider maybe you’re not as clever as you think?

 Enigma: Says the man who seems to have mistaken Christmas Eve for Halloween! In case you haven’t noticed – I've got the entire city under surveillance, feeding me all of it’s dirty secrets. And I did it all on your watch, oh Great Guardian of Gotham. So what do you have to say to THAT?

 Batman: I'm taking your network down.

 Enigma: Spoken like a true Neanderthal. Well - you can certainly try.


 6th Tower

 Enigma: Alright, you've made your point. So, why don’t we just agree to disagree and go our separate ways.

 Batman: I don’t think so.

 Enigma: What’s wrong with you? It’s not like I'm backing the bad guys here. Well - not usually.

 Batman: You’re invading people’s privacy.

 Enigma: You've got how many Assassins running around out there, and you’re lecturing me on selling personal information? Way to prioritize! You’re going after Gotham Optics next? Or maybe some telemarketers? Oooo!

 Batman: If that information gets into the wrong hands, people could get hurt because of you.

 Enigma: And people DO get hurt because of you. So I assume you’ll be handing yourself over to the police now? That’s what I thought.