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"We're all mad here."

The Tea Party was a Gotham's Most Wanted Side Mission in Batman: Arkham City. It featured the Mad Hatter trying to make Batman his ally.



After Batman rescued Vicky Vale from the Joker's snipers, Tetch watched the two from a nearby rooftop before leaving.

Soon afterwards, Alfred informed Batman that he had found a cure to the Titan Disease. As Batman took the cure at a nearby building, he was taken by the Mad Hatter, and used a rabbit hat to hypnotize Batman. As Batman struggled, he woke up in a clock platform that was filled with the Mad Hatter's Henchmen as rabbits. After beating down waves of henchmen and finally the Mad Hatter himself, he managed to remove his rabbit mask, took down Mad Hatter, crushed his hat and left the Mad Hatter's Lair.


  • The cure Jervis uses to trick Batman stops being relevant after the game is beaten, as Batman is cured from his poisoning. Any dialogue within the mission is not changed, and Batman will still use the cure.
  • If Batman returns to the rooftop where he took his cure, he will find a tea party set out.