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Tiffany Ambrose was a criminal and one of Roman Sionis' many girlfriends.


Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

Some time before the Christmas Eve Incident, Tiffany Ambrose was dating Roman Sionis, otherwise known as Black Mask. Several days before Christmas Eve, she was murdered by the Joker.


Tiffany entered Sionis' Safehouse at Lacey Towers. Tiffany was texting Roman on her cell phone when she was ambushed from behind by the Joker. Tiffany was slammed head-first onto the kitchen counter, dropped her cell phone onto the floor, and was rendered unconscious. Joker then hung her from the chandelier by her wrists and waited for Black Mask to arrive. After Sionis' double, Giovanni Luchese, arrived, and the Joker shot him dead, the real Black Mask entered through the balcony, slid open the door, and fought the Joker. Eventually, the Joker won the brawl and dragged Sionis out for his next plans at the Gotham Merchant's Bank, but he stopped and created a fire to cover any evidence. When Tiffany woke up, she struggled in the hopes that she could at least save Roman, but Joker instead forced Roman to shoot her in the chest, which instantly killed her.

Incident Reports[]

After Arkham Origins Incident[]

Tiffany's murder appeared to have driven Sionis even further over the edge into insanity, which indicated that he truly did love and care for her, while he was incarcerated at Blackgate Prison. Sionis carried her photo with him constantly. Obsessed with avenging her death, Roman concocted an elaborate scheme to kill the Joker at Blackgate by using the boiler room. After he dedicated that plan to Tiffany, Black Mask was ready to destroy Blackgate in order to escape and kill the Joker and Batman at the same time. Even when defeated by Batman, he nonetheless regained consciousness and took a technician hostage demanding only that they bring the Joker before him. He even went as far as to enter a firefight recklessly and end up burned from a massive explosion from one of the malfunctioning generators.


  • Tiffany Ambrose had some criminal ties herself. Batman claimed that she was "no angel" and had "a long list of priors". When Batman identified her body with Detective Vision, it revealed that her prior arrests were for drug trafficking.