-Tom Kane
Tom Kane
Birth Name: Thomas Kane Roberts
Birth Date: April 15, 1962

Birth Place:

Overland Park, Kansas

Death Date:


Character Name:

Commissioner Gordon
Louie Green
Amadeus Arkham
Quincy Sharp

Tom Kane provided the voice of Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Quincy Sharp in Batman: Arkham Asylum but voices Quincy Sharp again in Batman: Arkham City, while David Kaye replaces him role as Commissioner Gordon

Also in Batman: Arkham Asylum, he is uncredited for voicing Louie Green and credited for voicing the Spirit of Arkham/Amadeus Arkham.


  • Also known for his work in the Marvel Comics, he voiced mostly villians than heroes, but in the DC Comics, he voiced mostly heroes than villains.

Characters Portrayed by Tom Kane in the Batman Universe