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Sergeant Thomas "Tom" Miller was a police sergeant, appearing in Batman: Arkham City.


Tom Miller is a sergeant in the Gotham City Police Department and the leader of the volunteer strike team operation undercover in Arkham City.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham City Incident[]

Arkham City Incident[]

Tom Miller volunteered to join the strike team operating undercover in Arkham City. He and nine other members of the team infiltrated The Penguin's gang. Unfortunately, the team was uncovered due to a leak and taken hostage, where they were subjected to random beatings and torture inside the Museum, specifically the Iceberg Lounge.

Miller, along with Officers Michaels and Sanchez, are taken into one of the exhibit rooms and placed under the guard of five armed men. Batman, after already saving all but two of the team, Batman eliminate these inmates and save Miller and his men. Afterwards, Miller gives orders to Michaels and Sanchez to arm themselves and hold up in the room.

After encountering Mr. Freeze, Batman returns to Miller's room and retrieves a part from Freeze's suit. He tells Miller to wait ten minutes and then deliver the part to Freeze, meanwhile Batman leaves to confront The Penguin. After The Penguin was defeated, Miller along with Michaels and Sanchez went to the Trophy Room to regroup with the other officers and Mr. Freeze, who was now fully armored.

Much later, Miller and his crew are forced to retreat to the Iceberg Lounge after Two-Face and his crew stormed the museum to take down Penguin’s crew, where they remain for the rest of the game.

After Arkham City Incident[]

It is unknown what became of Miller and his crew after the Arkham City incident. After the ending, they are seen guarding the Iceberg Lounge of the Museum. It can be assumed they were later picked up and taken back to Gotham City.