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Toy Soldiers is a predator A.R challenge map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It's located inside Winslow's Toy Shop, and consists of regular Militia soldiers, two medics, two soldiers wearing optic deflection armor, and two sentry guns. It is part of the Catwoman's Revenge DLC.

The default playable character is Catwoman.



  • Remain unseen
  • Take down 3 henchman from the ceiling
  • Use caltrops to trip an enemy, and perform a ground takedown on him


  • Complete in under 5:00
  • Take out the optically camouflaged thugs with explosive gel
  • Stop the medics from performing a single revive


  • Complete in under 5:00
  • Take out the Sentry guns first
  • Use shield bash to knock down 3 enemies, and finish them with ground takedowns.


  • Complete in under 5:00
  • Perform 3 ground takedowns on enemies stunned by escrima sticks
  • Take out the medics first


  • Complete in under 5:00
  • Leave the sentry guns intact
  • Perform 3 corner takedowns

Harley Quinn[]

  • Complete in under 5:00
  • Take down 3 enemies with one Jack-in-a-box
  • Take down 3 enemies during Mayhem mode


  • Complete in under 5:00
  • Perform a flip grate takedown
  • Do not take any damage

Red Hood[]

  • Complete in under 5:00
  • Perform 5 silent takedowns
  • Perform 2 ledge takedowns


  • There are no vantage points. This makes it more difficult to move around with characters other than Catwoman, who can jump to the ceiling to hide from enemies.
  • This is the only predator challenge map on the series that has no vantage points.
  • The Arkham Knight won't command his troops until they either see Catwoman, an unconscious person or they hear anything strange. Taking out enemies in locations nobody else walks to is thus very useful, as they don't keep track of who's unconscious or not.
    • As using Caltrops properly becomes difficult when the henchmen are terrified, it's recommended to keep everyone calm until only few enemies remain, and then use caltrops on their patrol route.
  • The enemies instantly detect Catwoman if she climbs too close to an unconscious enemy, which is problematic. Catwoman can accidentally cross this invisible range and instantly get detected.
  • Optically Camouflaged enemies are very dangerous on this map, as they can suddenly walk behind a corner and detect Catwoman from the roof if she is near an unconscious soldier.