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Hiro Okamura, known primarily as Toyman, is a teenage inventor and fan of the Justice League. Toyman later becomes a member of the Support Squad, aiding the Suicide Squad in their fight against the Earth invading Brainiac.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Blackgate incident[]

At some point, Toyman was imprisoned within the walls of Blackgate Penitentiary for reasons unknown. Later, an explosive bracelet was smuggled into the prison by an unknown third party and affixed to Toyman’s wrist, likely to coerce him into doing something. However, Toyman had devised an escape plan. Using specialized tools fabricated for the job, including a pair of needle-nose pliers, he attempted to remove the bracelet. However, in doing so, he accidentally set off the bracelet, causing a massive explosion, which caused considerable damage to the prison. In the aftermath of this incident, Toyman was presumed dead, but it is likely that he survived the incident for reasons that ought to be obvious.

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

A big fan of the Justice League, Hiro once entered an invention contest they held, winning first place with his shrink sphere. Said invention was put on display in the Hall of Justice.

Hiro came to Metropolis for the Justice Day parade, but became trapped in the city when Brainiac began his invasion. He took to hiding with his robot companion for the next few weeks. At some point during Brainiac's invasion, Hiro got into contact with Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane and agreed to work with her, going under the codename "the Tinker" and Lane going by "Penwielder" whenever they would contact each other.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

After Lex Luthor's death at the hands of the brainwashed Flash, Hiro retrieved and fixed the anti-Flash device, with both himself and Lane agreeing to aid the Suicide Squad by giving them the device, however Lois was insistent that Hiro find a way to leave Metropolis after delivering the device (with Hiro wanting to take a selfie next to the statues of the Justice League before he left), concerned for the young inventor. After noticing Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark going back and forth the Hall of Justice (along with Rick Flag's flying bus), Hiro hacked into the ARGUS security doors to get in. He politely inquired if they were trying to save the world, only to have Boomerang attempt to grab him on Amanda Waller's orders; thankfully the anti-Flash device sent Boomerang flying, as he was using tech that utilized the Speed Force. After explaining his intelligence and ability to invent, Hiro was welcomed onto the team by Waller. However, seemingly unknown to Hiro, Boomerang put a nanobomb in his head, claiming it was an initiation much to his excitement and to the annoyance of everyone else.

Hiro was given the quartermaster area across from Ivy's repurposed laboratory; which he quickly redecorated. He worked on tech to take down the members of the league, while upgrading the Squad's weapon effectiveness. Toyman however wasn't fooled by Boomerang's earlier claim and knew he had been injected with a bomb, and with the aid of his robot companion managed to defuse the nanobomb, sparing himself from having his life ended at a moment's notice.

After the League all died, Toyman helped Flag set up missions to "Raise Hell", in order to infuriate Brainiac and make him waste his resources. Weeks later, Toyman finally got back in contact with Lois Lane, who had been worried after not hearing from Hiro all this time, with Toyman updating her on having been recruited to help the Suicide Squad as well as panicking Lane when he reveals the existence of the nanobomb in him he had defused, with Lois saying everything that happened after Toyman was supposed to just give the anti-Flash device wasn't part of the plan they agreed on. While Hiro insists he's fine and working hard to help save Metropolis Lois tells him it isn't up to Hiro to save the city as he's still young, despite this she asks Toyman to regularly check in with her again, Toyman promises to do this while also continuing to aid the Suicide Squad.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

Hiro Okamura, who calls himself “Toyman”, is what happens when great intelligence meets whimsy-poisoned imagination and an underdeveloped ego. Is he a brilliant scientist? Perhaps? But he applies his skills to the construction of what he straight-facedly called “gadgets” that offer some momentary, circumstantial use rather than any grander vision.

Toyman is a story in wasted potential were minds of his ilk capable of putting away childish things, we might have a better chance of fighting back against a force as powerful as Brainiac. Instead, we will meet the bringer of cataclysm with a wide-eyed gee-willikers awe and a fleet of sweetly useless robotic pets.

I have considered taking him on as an apprentice, but it will have to wait until the turn of the proverbial tide. If we get through this, I may gain the patience to make something out of this man-child.  


  • He is the only member of the Support Squad to not warrant the need of a nano bomb. Even someone as cold as Waller felt bad for Toyman, seeing as he was willing to help without the need for Boomerang to inject him with the bomb.
    • Initially, Toyman is shown as the only character injected with the bomb not to be aware of it, believing what Boomerang had done was part of an "initiation" to join Task Force X. However, in the first "Squad Conversation: Classified Sources" audio logs brought into the game as part of the Season One DLC, Toyman reveals he had actually been aware of the bomb, and had managed to defuse it weeks before making contact with Lois Lane again, who he had been in contact with before aiding the Suicide Squad. This makes him the first known person injected with the nanobombs in the main Arkhamverse canon to find a way to defuse them.
  • This incarnation of Toyman is shown being very polite to those around him, as such he's never shown swearing at any point while working as a Support Squad member.
  • This incarnation of Toyman is based on the more heroic third Toyman in the comics also named Hiro Okamura, while in the comics the third Toyman actually is a hero as opposed to his two predecessors, in the Arkhamverse Hiro is a teenager that has good intentions and is a fan of and idolizes the Justice League, while ironically the original Toyman holds a grudge against and hates the Justice League, especially Superman.
    • He was also the only member of the Support Squad unaware that Task Force X's mission in Metropolis was to kill the brainwashed members of the League, believing the Anti-Justice League tech would be used to stop the League members rather than allowing the Suicide Squad to kill them, it's possible he realized the team's true mission after the fact, but doesn't hold a grudge against them for this as he still lends his aid to the team.
  • The more well-known Winslow Schott version of Toyman is also believed to exist in this universe, seeing as there can be found many references to both Winslow Schott and his Toy factory.
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