Tracey Buxton
Tracey 3 (2)
Biographical information
Full Name Tracey Buxton
Occupation Penguin's Assistant
Base of Operations Gotham City
Affiliations Penguin
Physical description
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Height 5ft, 8in/ 1.73 meters
Weight 130lbs
Game Information
Voice Actor Laura Waddell
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Origins (October 2013)
Now there's a naughty geeza. Proper naughty.
— Tracey about Batman

Tracey Buxton was one of Penguin's allies during the Christmas Eve Incident.

Arkham Origins Incident

Tracey was seen onboard the Final Offer, protecting Penguin's safe room from Batman, and she appeared at the Boiler Deck. Before Batman arrived, Tracey sent the Electrocutioner to fight him. After the Electrocutioner was taken down, Tracey sent some of Penguin's thugs to fight Batman in the Boiler Deck, then she went to the casino while he was busy fighting. Tracey tried to send more men in after Batman in order to stop him. Tracey got a message for Batman from the Electrocutioner that claimed that he would be back. She was next seen in the casino and sent more thugs to finish Batman. Before having a conversation, Batman sneaked behind Tracey as she reached out for her wooden Baseball Bat to attack him, but was imprisoned by him in a cell in one of the rooms not long after trying to talk to Candy. Tracey was next seen after Batman's fight with Deathstroke, with Candy and Penguin.

It was assumed that Tracey later quit Penguin's gang or was killed for some reason, as she was never seen or heard from again in the later Arkham games.


Like Candy, Tracey was a very attractive woman and had a curvaceous appearance that was enhanced by a white cocktail dress. She accessorised with two earings, two bracelets and a necklace that hunged over her bust. She was Caucasian with short, blonde hair that was somewhat boy-like. Tracey also had fishnet stockings and heels.


  • "Now there's a naughty geeza. Proper naughty." (Batman)
  • "An'e deserves a right proper welcome. Don'e lads?" (Batman)
  • "Alright you lousy mugs, time t'earn your supper." (Penguin's Henchmen)
  • "He's here lookin' for Cobblepot, boys. Let's make sure he don't find 'im."
  • "Boys! Fightin' like this is givin' Cobblepot a bad name."
  • "Ay! Are you lot 'ard a'earnin'?"
  • "You goin't'ave that off 'im?"
  • "Oy. You geeza's are a sorry lot!"
  • "An'ee you don' want a piece of what I'm offerin', get down 'ere and sort 'im out!"
  • "Did your mother teach ya to fight like that?"
  • "However much that hurts, you'll hurt more if he gets to Mr. Cobblepot!"
  • "You poncey wankers let him get to Cobblepot-it'll be the last thing ya do."
  • "He's tryin' to get to your boss, boys. Ya gonna let him?"
  • "Bugger it all! You lads sure are a disappointment. To the Casino, then. Someone's gotta warn Cobblepot of what's comin' 'is way."
  • "If Mister Cobblepot finishes with 'is guest and finds out you numpty prats let the Batman spoil his Boiler Deck fights-what do you think he's gonna do to you lot? Think about it, lads!"
  • "All right, you lousy mugs, we're on full alert. I want updates, updates, updates! Anyone seen the intruder? Is he still even on the ship? This is serious, lads!"
  • "Oy! I got a message for the Batman-from your mate the Electrocutioner. Back on 'is feet he is-and he says you may have won this round-but the fight is far from over. He'll be back for ya, Batman. Watch yer arse!"
  • "Aren't you a persistent pain in me bottle? (Batman)
  • "Mister Cobblepot ain't takin' new visitors and there ain't no way I'm lettin' you into the theater to see'em. So, you can be on your merry way." (Batman)
  • "Show 'im the door, lads."
  • "Yeah. That's how you do it! Give it to 'im good!"
  • "Boys, yer puttin' me to sleep. Let's see some action!"
  • "You let him get to Cobblepot and you're through. You do understand that, right?"
  • "In the face you ponces!"
  • "C'mon boys. Let's show 'em how we do things 'ere on the Final Offer!"
  • "You're fightin' like a bunch a'old bitties! Take 'is head!"
  • "You lot aimin' to see Christmas mornin?? Kill'em!"
  • "C'mon, lads. Impress me now."
  • "What a sorry bunch'a dogs you lot are!"
  • "Come on, girl. You're just on the other side of the theater. Step out for a sec and give me a 'and." (Candy)
  • "Yeah. Means someone's gettin' hurt. But we got serious issues out 'ere."
  • "I'm tellin' you-he's not some ponce in a fancy suit. He's naughty. An 'es moppin' the floor with our best 'n brightest. Not that that's sayin' too much."
  • "Uggh! Now I'm really deep in it!"
  • "Candy! She's earned 'erself a dry slap, she 'as."
  • "I knew you didn't have what it takes to fight me fair!" (Batman)
  • "Cobblepot ain't gonna be happy when 'e hears about this!" (Batman)
  • "Oy! You can't do this! I'm claustrophobic, I am!" (Batman)
  • " Come on, let me out! This ain't funny!" (Batman)
  • "Come on! Enough's enough! Open 'er up and let me out!" (Batman)



  • Tracey worked on a team with Candy for Cobblepot, with her wearing a white dress to contrast Candy's black one.
  • Candy and Tracey were a possible reference to Sugar and Spice, Two-Face's female minions from Batman Forever.
  • Tracey was claustrophobic.
  • Tracey's ultimate fate is never revealed.
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