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Turning point is a predator challenge map on Batman: Arkham Origins. It's located inside Blackgate Prison. Enemies consist of unarmored enemies, with a few carrying Thermal Goggles.

It is part of the Knightfall DLC pack and campaign, and thus is exclusive to the Playstation 3 version.



  • Smash and Grab - Perform an inverted takedown through a weak ceiling from a vantage point.
  • Grate Moves - Perform a takedown while crawiling under a floor grate.
  • Aerial Assault - Glide kick an enemy and perform a ground takedown on him.


  • Feet First - Perform an inverted ledge takedown.
  • Window Pain - Take down an enemy through a window.
  • Bulletproof - Do not take any damage during the challenge.

Bruce Wayne[]

  • Round the Bend - Use corner cover to hide and take down an approaching enemy
  • Fire Hazard - Explode a fire extinguisher and perform a takedown on an enemy caught in the smoke
  • Grapple kick bowling - Grapple kick an enemy into another enemy.


  • Deathstroke's gadget, the Proximity bomb, is capable of doing a Explosive Wall Takedown on this level, while it cannot be used this way on other levels.