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"The Batman's bones for Tweedledie to handle, are scarcely fit to hold a candle."

Tweedledie was a supercriminal engineered (possibly using his supply of Titan) at great expense by the Penguin to persuade Tweedledum and Tweedledee to work for him.

He had been programmed to speak in a vernacular similar to that found in the works of Lewis Carroll, (known as "Alice Programming") but Tweedledum and Tweedledee thought that perhaps that the Penguin had overdone it on that front. They considered him a cousin however, and were very glad to have him with them.

Incident Reports[]

After Arkham City Incident[]

His first and only job was to steal Batman's new Batmobile while it was being delivered in secret from Germany. He almost died when he tried to prevent Batman from interfering, but Batman saved his life by grabbing onto his hair.

When Batman successfully recovered the Batmobile, he left the three Tweedles for the police who placed them in Gotham central holding. While incarcerated, Tweedledie was shot by the Arkham Knight in his cell.


Tweedledie was massive, nearly half again as tall as Batman. He had large blue eyes and a shock of shoulder-length red hair. He did bear a resemblance to his 'cousins' but was much more muscular and was not at all obese.


Penguin had equipped Tweedledie with an armored vest and an electrified nightstick.


  • Tweedledie bore a strong resemblance to Syndrome from the Disney Pixar Movie, The Incredibles.