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"The only way to get by in this place is to get ourselves some respect. Fear. That's how we get respect. Show them how we do things. We should be fair though, this is a place of justice after all. Screw justice! Kill her, and they'll all fear us!"
—Two-Face, deciding whether or not to execute Catwoman[src]
"All that stands between you and us is fate. And if the coin decides your time is up... you die!"
—Two-Face threatens Batman
"I wanted to help people but Gotham wouldn't let me. Good men don't last long here, Bruce. Not when everybody knows who they are."
—Two-Face in captivity

District Attorney Harvey Dent was one of Batman's strongest allies in Gotham City until Carmine Falcone threw acid in Dent's face and hideously scarred him. The wounds fractured Dent's psyche and he was reborn as Two-Face: a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with duality. Two-Face would go on to form his own crew and became one of Gotham’s most feared crime bosses and a part of Batman’s rogues gallery. Using his former good-luck charm, a "two-headed" trick silver dollar, was damaged on one side from the attack and Dent had seized on it as a reflection of his half-scarred visage.

Two-Face flipped the coin to decide the fates of his victims. Despite Batman's efforts to reform his former ally, Dent was consumed by his fixation on chance, and his crimes were designed to prove out his diametric philosophy. His crimes usually revolved around the number two; for example, he would rob the Second National Bank on February 22nd.

Incident Reports[]

Early Life[]

Harvey Dent was raised in a violent household. His father was an abusive alcoholic who repeatedly beat the boy and his mother. He often used a double-headed coin to give the child a "chance" to escape a beating. Dent spent much of his early life suffering from various mental issues, notably bipolar disorder and paranoia. Harvey wanted to make a difference in Gotham City and became a lawyer, rising to the position of Gotham City's District Attorney, after earning a reputation as "The White Knight" of justice.

Sometime before the events on Christmas Eve, Harvey was elected DA. As part of a conspiracy with Roman Sionis, Arnold Flass arranged for a man named Dumpler to kidnap Harvey's sister Alexandra Dent and kill her in an explosion. The attempt was eventually foiled by Batman. As a result, the Mayoral election was delayed whilst Harvey Dent conducted a full investigation into the incident.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

In the GCPD Building, there is a newspaper stating that Harvey Dent had been elected D.A.

In his Headquarters, Enigma had been investigating Batman's true identity and had listed Harvey (as well as Bruce Wayne) as potential suspects.

Cold Cold Heart Incident[]

Harvey Dent was the Gotham D.A. and did everything in his power to fix Gotham city and the corrupt GCPD. With the fall of Black Mask and his control over the police force it made things easier for Harvey to clean up the city and earn some allies in the police force.

Between Arkham Origins and Assault on Arkham Incident[]


Harvey Dent before becoming Two-Face

After the Christmas Eve Incident, Harvey would go on to be one of Gotham's most respectable D.As. and became a powerful ally of Batman and Commissioner Gordon. He was seen as a hero by the people of Gotham and referred to as "The White Knight".

Despite his reputation as a heroic D.A., Harvey had psychological issues even before his scarring. Hugo Strange described those issues as "headaches his wife found unpredictable, and scary sometimes".

Sadly, those issues would surface upon having acid thrown in his face on the orders of Gotham godfather, Carmine Falcone, against whom Harvey had brought charges. Dent later claimed the crime lord did this because the mob couldn't get to Batman. According to some thugs, even while the acid was corroding half of his body, Harvey Dent still put up a fight against the mob. His face was horribly scarred on the left side along with his psyche, triggering his transformation into Two-Face: a deranged criminal who decided the fate of any situation by the use of his former lucky charm, a double-headed coin that was scarred on one side. He blamed Batman for his disfigurement, thinking Batman sold him out to continue his fight against crime. As a result, he went from one of Batman's closest allies to one of his most dangerous enemies. Harvey was captured and brought to Arkham Asylum where he had decorated his cell into a split motif that mirrored his scarring. Harvey would escape shortly before the Joker's takeover of Arkham, only to be injured in an encounter with Batman putting him in the hospital.

Arkham Underworld Incident[]

Assault on Arkham Incident[]

Two-Face was one of the prisoners who escaped when the Joker released the inmates of Arkham Asylum. Two-Face was wielding two machine guns, one of which was his signature Tommy Gun. He attempted to escape in an abandoned police car in the ensuing chaos. Killer Frost dragged Two-Face from the police car and froze his head. She stole the car in an attempt to escape while Two-Face fled into the smoke.

Road to Arkham Incident[]

Two-Face was in the hospital, recovering from his injuries, after a previous encounter with the Dark Knight.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

After the incident, Batman heard a police radio call that Two-Face was robbing the Second National Bank in Gotham and that he shot two police officers. Batman got into the Batwing to give chase. Two-Face's Arkham cell is seen in Controlled Access at the Penitentiary.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident[]

In the following months, Batman correctly guessed that Two-Face had hired the Brother-Sister team, T&T who earlier that day had attacked an armored car on its way to the bank. When Batman found Two-Face, his left leg was broken, his right arm was in a sling, his neck was in a brace and he had two prostitutes at his side.

Two-Face accepted Batman's deal for a thirty minute head start in exchange for information about T&T. He explained that following the Joker's riots, he bought several of the crates of Titan that had floated into the Gotham docks and said: "The Coin said it was a good investment".

T&T began training extensively in hand to hand combat and experimented with Titan in small doses thereby retaining control of themselves in their Titan forms. It wasn't long before they made their experiments known, slaughtered Two-Face's Gang, and nearly killed Two-Face himself. Two-Face prevented his men from killing Batman believing that T&T would.

Upon his incarceration into the new and highly secure but lawless Arkham City, Two-Face sought to establish himself in the prison and become a rising gang leader in the prison's turf wars. Two-Face immediately took over the Solomon Wayne Courthouse in Park Row as his base of operations, and locked Calendar Man in a holding cell beneath it.

To gain more power and respect in Arkham, Two-Face kidnapped the Joker and prepared a "trial" to be held against him for the existence of Arkham City.

Two-Face invited the Penguin, Bane, the Ratcatcher, Poison Ivy, Sickle, Victor Zsasz, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, the Carpenter, the Ventriloquist, Black Mask, and Deadshot to be the jury and Harley Quinn as the Joker's lawyer. Nearly every inmate in Arkham City attended the trial, which left the streets abandoned and Batman suspicious of the inactivity in the facility. After Joker was proclaimed guilty and sentenced to death, Batman arrived and the entire court erupted into chaos. Joker and Harley escaped with their gang. Batman slipped away from the fight and met with Catwoman on the rooftops of Park Row.

Eventually, Warden Hugo Strange arranged an interview with Two-Face. The villain tossed his coin and refused to talk when it landed scarred side up. Not to be thwarted, Strange ordered his guards to take the coin from Two-Face and used it to force him into talking. Later, it was revealed that he had tricked Two-Face by using multiple replica coins. Without his coin, Two-Face was unable to make decisions for himself once again. However, Strange issued an ultimatum: he would do everything in his power to restore Harvey's sanity, or let Two-Face know where Catwoman was at that very moment. Strange flipped Two-face's coin to see if he would catch it, or if Harvey Dent would let it fall. Two-Face caught the coin and Strange told him that Catwoman was on her way to steal an item from the vault in his old campaign office.

Arkham City Incident[]

Two-Face planned to publicly execute Catwoman (whom he had earlier caught when she attempted to steal a memory drive from the safe in his old campaign office that his men were tasked to guard) to gain respect among the inmates and to gather followers to aid in the war for control over the city, and planned to recruit approximately one half of the Arkham City inmates to slaughter the other half. However, the Harvey personality wanted a fair trial for her as the trial was technically in a Courthouse. Two-Face then decided whether to execute her immediately or to commence a trial before deciding to execute Catwoman (whom he had hanging over a vat of what was presumably acid), and it came good side up, which also gave Batman enough time to enter the Courtroom and attack the prisoners. Afterwards, he shot Batman after all of the prisoners were knocked out (while shouting: "objection" and "overruled"). Two-Face then flipped the coin again to see whether he should execute Catwoman. That time, it flipped bad side up, but Catwoman managed to free herself, and scratch (leaving new scars) the right side of his face. Two-Face then tried to shoot her with his second gun, but Batman revealed that he survived being shot, tied his hands and legs up, and left him hanging over the acid in her place.

Two-Face eventually managed to escape and fled after he was taken down by Batman and Catwoman. Two-Face's Gang arrived outside the Museum and shouted at Penguin that Two-Face would return and that he should either give up or die. Later, Two-Face's Henchmen killed Penguin's Henchmen and took charge of the Museum. After Batman defeated Clayface and the Joker died, Two-Face returned and took over the Museum. He remained in the Armory, and knew that Catwoman would come to take her loot back (which he had taken after he ordered his men to blow up her apartment). Catwoman arrived, beat him, and threatened to even out the other side of his face with her claws. Two-Face laughingly revealed that he had only kept half, and he sold the rest. Catwoman angrily told him: "Enough with the two's!" and knocked him out. Two-Face was not seen after that. Afterward, Two-Face wrote a message on the wall of Catwoman's Apartment that said: "Catwoman Must Die!", just before he went back into hiding.

After Arkham City Incident[]

It could be safely assumed that Two-Face was taken to temporary holding cells when the GCPD invaded the mega prison.

Before Arkham Knight Incident[]

After Protocol 10, many inmates of Arkham City sued the city for allowing Strange to order their executions and demanded compensation. Two-Face, being one of these inmates, used his compensation to start Hell's Gate Trash Collection and Legal Services, reasoning that there was no difference between the versions of "taking out the Trash". This would serve as cover for his plans; no-one would suspect garbage trucks of holding ill-gotten loot. He, Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn were called to a meeting with Scarecrow, Deathstroke, and the Arkham Knight. As his coin said it was worth listening to, Two-Face agreed to the plan as it provided cover for his bank robberies; he got weapons from Penguin in exchange for a cut of the loot.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Nine months after Arkham City, Two-Face and Batman's other enemies teamed up to destroy him on Halloween.

Two Faced Bandit

Two-Face robbing the bank.

Two-Face's Gang tried to rob multiple banks of the evacuated city in an attempt to wear Batman out and for his men to have enough money to retire from crime. Once Batman began interfering, he offered to double the pay for whoever brought him the Batman's corpse. In the next bank, he threatened to kill the families of his gang if his coin came up bad, or give them their compensation if the coin came up good. After Batman stopped three robberies, Two-Face appeared in person, with multiple militia soldiers, in an attempt to kill him, but they are all defeated. After that, Batman took Two-Face to the GCPD holding cells to await trial. During the trip to GCPD, Two-Face said Harvey Dent was dead, thought Harvey stated he wished he was because he had been turned into a monster; Batman somberly apologized for not being able to help.

During the course of his gang robbing the banks of Gotham, both Two-Face and Harvey Dent tried to reason with Batman through the intercom systems with each of his personalities explaining their reasons. Both personalities blamed Batman for the current situation with the Two-Face persona arguing that he came into existence only because of Batman using him as a meat shield against the mob's hatred, while Harvey Dent lamented how he became a criminal and how he believed and trusted Batman when he told him they would "clean up crime within the year" which caused his fall from grace.

From Harvey's explanation, it appeared that remnants of his desire to clean up Gotham still remained, but was in a deep depression that he was turned into a "freak" during the acid attack and that he was robbing the banks of Gotham where according to him, was how the mob laundered dirty money, hence one last attempt of his own version of justice that both his personalities could actually agree upon.

A Flip of a Coin[]

BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160302045722

Two-Face standing up from his throne.

Sometime after the Knightfall Protocol, Two-Face had a run-in with a now solo Robin. During the incident of Arkham Knight, upon hearing that Nightwing was in town, Two-Face sent numerous members of his gang to Blüdhaven to rob the banks over there and knew that its protector was out of town dealing with a bigger threat, and his gang while stopped in Gotham, was unopposed in Blüdhaven and walked away with millions. Robin returned early from his honeymoon, and moved in on the Hell's Gate Disposal Services to put an end to Two-Face's newly restarted money laundering business. Successfully shutting it down, Robin learned where Two-Face was hiding and attacked the Hell's Gate Courthouse. All the while, Harvey was constantly mocking Robin, and did not take him seriously. After taking down his gang, Two-Face acknowledged that the boy had become a man and then attacked Robin. His first shot blocked, but the second hit Robin in the foot, and floored the young hero. Two-Face had Robin at gun-point and was about to execute him and flipped his coin. When his coin was air borne, Oracle saved Robin, activated the PA system, and distracted Harvey, which granted the wounded Robin barely enough time to bring down Two-Face and catch his coin in mid-air.


Thought to be the "White Knight" of Gotham, Harvey Dent was selfless, moral and extremely dedicated to cleaning the crime in his city. His dedication to justice and unwavering sense of right and wrong was almost unfounded in politicians and officials by Gotham City standards, most of whom were flooded with corruption. Because of this many people believed that he was the Batman during the beginning of the vigilante's career. His fall from grace after being horrendously scarred by acid thanks to the Falcone crime family, resulting in the loss of half his face and fracturing his psyche proved to not only be a blow for Gordon and Batman, but for the entire city.

Dent became more twisted and psychotic every year after his accident, as well less sympathetic and redeemable in the eyes of Batman, who used to be his close friend. However he did show pity on him while taking him to GCPD and Aaron Cash even states that he "felt bad about booking him" in the Evidence Lock-Up, saying he could still see the man he used to be. Dent's dependency on his two-sided coin leave him with scarce loyalties, should it come up bad for someone he would kill them without so much as a hesitation. He is capable of making decisions by himself but normally under pressure or in a forced situation. He is much more reliant on the prospects of fate and destiny than calculated decisions, perhaps a reason of him losing the Arkham City gang war; he would much prefer to follow the coin, blindly even if the decision was a poor one than genuine strategy. This unpredictability can also be considered an advantage as it leaves him hard to place while dealing with his enemies.

Dent is not without his inner battles, at times the Harvey and Two-Face personas conflict each other. This is shown in the courtroom where discussing the fate of Catwoman, Harvey attempted to give her a fair trial as they were in a "place of justice" whereas the Two-Face aspect argued to kill her as to gain fear and respect in Arkham City. His own self-opinion after his accident varies between games. During the Interview Tapes with Strange he is given the opportunity to either be cured or set free into Arkham City and he chooses to remain the same, either showing he is comfortable with himself or he was either pressured to make a decision. In Arkham Knight he admits to Batman while being taken to the GCPD that "[he] wished [he] was dead" revealing a self-loathing aspect of his personality.

Despite it being years, and Two-Face has mostly absolved his old personality and identity, he shows traits of the man he used to be. Dent showed incredible determination, displayed when even while his face was being scarred by acid he still attempted to fight the Falcone's. He possesses some degree of compassion, and considered giving Catwoman a fair trial at the courthouse but quickly decided against this. Because of his former job as a District Attorney he still has a sense of justice but has now become horribly warped. During Catwoman's trial he uses multiple layman' terms, that being what a judge would do. He once contemplated cutting off her hands, perhaps an ironic punishment. Similarly, he stated after the first bank robbery was foiled that the banks he was targeting were the ones the Mob had previously used to launder money, implying that at least some of his crimes were motivated by justice, albeit an extremely warped view of it.

His obsession with duality has become the insignia of his crime empire, to match his own scars he makes his men wear outfits similar to his appearance. This is also shown by the way he carries two guns, pay his men twice his salary if they killed Batman, halved Catwoman's stolen loot and manner of killing, saying proverbs related to the number two and even duplicating the meaning other abstract sayings together with his gang and cutting one of his men in two with a saw. He also refers to himself in the plural. Despite this cruelty all of his men have unwavering respect and loyalty, if not fear for Dent.

His chats with his fellow super criminal in Arkham Knight revealed he considered himself a better judge than Gotham's courts, which he considered a twisted waste of time, because "nothing burned more than injustice." He also lacked faith in God, mocking Azrael and Blackfire. If arrested after Scarecrow, he will talk to Batman solemnly, noting that "Bruce Wayne" was the true mask, while Batman was the real person; both Harvey and Two-Face understood it's not the face you're given, but the one you choose.

Physical Appearance[]

Arkham Asylum[]

Though he does not appear physically in the game Batman: Arkham Asylum, numerous references to Dent are scattered throughout the game, among those being a character bio with a sketch of him. His appearance in the sketch is rather different from future depictions, showing Two-Face with a full head of hair, half brown, half white, and wearing a white and purple suit. His burned side also had a much brighter color to it.

Arkham City[]

In Arkham City, Dent finally appears physically. He is depicted wearing a white suit, half of it burned and tattered, a black dress shirt and a white tie. He now has black hair, and his disfigured half is bald. Half of his body is covered in severe burn injuries, showing exposed muscle and bone.

Arkham Knight[]

In Arkham Knight, Two-Face appears relatively unchanged from his appearance in City. His burns appear more severe (likely due to the increased level of detail), the sleeve on the right side of his jacket has been rolled up and his tie has changed from white to blue. He has three faint scars on the right side of his face from when Catwoman scratched him.




Base of Operations[]

Psychological Profile[]


Real Name: Harvey Dent

Batman's Database Profile[]

Harvey Dent has won as Gotham's District Attorney during the elections, which he brings Gotham justice and honor. As Gotham City District Attorney, Dent's honor brings the most wanted criminals to trial as bringing them to justice, the GCPD started calling him Gotham's White Knight. That all changed while on trial Carmine Falcone threw acid in Dent's face, hideously scarring him, the wounds fractured his already psyche due to his abusive father.

And Two-Face was born, a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with duality. He uses his father's two headed trick silver dollar that was damaged on one side in the attack. Dent uses the coin to decide the fate of his victims.

Dr. Penelope Young[]


Psychological Profile: A bizarre schizotypal, Dent shows intense ideation focused on the concept of dualism. This arises out of his unique facial disfigurement (half of his face has been scarred by acid) as shown by its emergence concurrent with the incident that scarred him. He has no prior history of psychopathic behavior, but since his disfigurement he has continually created situations based on positive and negative outcomes with chance as the deciding factor. He accepts no responsibility for the sociopathic, destructive outcomes that result approximately 50% of the time.

Additional Notes:

Dent's ideation around dualism extends to his clothing, his environments, and the central token of his psychological make-up, his half-scarred silver dollar. He becomes catatonic if it is removed from him.

Perhaps I should be unsurprised that only half of our treatment sessions are productive. The other half are characterized by endless, pointless word games revolving around chance and fate.

Dr. Hugo Strange[]

Harvey Dent A.K.A Two-Face

The capture of Two-Face brought an end to his reign of violence and terror on the streets of Gotham. Since his incarceration in Arkham City, he has used his persuasive influence to quickly rise to the top of the food chain.

Two-Face is obsessed with duality, and determined to recruit half the population of Arkham City in preparation for a bloody war against the other gangs within Arkham City. But his strategy starts and ends with a flip of his coin, adding an element of randomness to his every move.

Hugo Strange: Side Note

Is Two-Face useful?

Heads or tails

~ Hugo Strange


  • Expert marksmanship skills
  • Law expert
  • Criminal mastermind
  • Hand to hand combat and detective ork
  • Large assortment of weaponry: dual firearms, double rocket launcher, knives...
  • Multiple-personality disorder
  • Obsession with duality
  • Relies on coin toss (fate) to make decisions, which makes him extremely dangerous, because if fate decides on death then he will act on it.


Tape 1[]

  • Strange: Sit down Mr. Dent. It is Mr. Dent I am talking to, right?
  • Two-Face: Use our real name.
  • Strange: Two-Face? If you wish. Please. Sit.
  • Two-Face: What is it, Strange? Not happy just arresting us? Throwing us in this place.
  • Strange: I wish to understand you. I have read the reports, seen the footage and now I want to hear your side of the story.
  • Two-Face: Heh... We'll see
  • Strange: I assume you need to toss your coin in order to decide to answer my questions.
  • Two-Face: You ready to find out? (tosses coin in the air, then catches it)
  • Strange: Well?
  • Two-Face: Came up bad. Sorry.
  • Strange: Not a problem. Guard. Take Mr. Dent's coin off of him. (struggling is heard)
  • Two-Face: NO! NO!
  • Strange: Good. Now let us hear what fate has in store for you.

Tape 2[]

  • Two-Face: I'll kill you for this.
  • Strange: Really? Look at your coin. It wants you to tell me about that day in the courtroom.
  • Two-Face: It was painful.
  • Strange: Elaborate.
  • Two-Face: I was naive. I thought I could make a difference. Falcone was going to go down for what he had done.
  • Strange: But he had other plans.
  • Two-Face: Look at my face!
  • Strange: I am. A combination of first, second and third degree burning, hmmm, the scar tissue is quite fascinating.
  • Two-Face: You think?
  • Strange: And that is all it took to make you the way you are?
  • Two-Face: Give me my coin.
  • Strange: Not yet.

Tape 3[]

  • Two-Face: What is it Strange? Are you enjoying this?
  • Strange: Not in the slightest. Let's go back further, you were a rising star, a beacon of light for this city. A white knight riding in to save it with the Dark Knight not far behind.
  • Two-Face: You can leave him out of this. He is wrong. They all are. No one understands the beauty of fate's hand. I am grateful to Falcone. He gave me a clarity; a purity that few will know. Everything boils down to a simple choice, this way or that way, good... or bad.
  • Strange: Do you really believe that?
  • Two-Face: How could I not?
  • Strange: Interesting. So all you need is this coin and everything is simple?
  • Two-Face: Give me it!
  • Strange: Or what about this coin? (throws coin on the table) Or this? (and another) Or these? (and a handful of coins)
  • Two-Face: What are you doing?
  • Strange: Proving a point. Fate didn't make you answer my question, I did. I replaced your coin with my own. See? You answered me because I wanted you to.

Tape 4[]

  • Strange: How is he today?
  • TYGER Guard: Prisoner has been quiet. Since getting those coins, he has spent most of his time examining them.
  • Strange: Good. Hello, Harvey. Are you ready to talk?
  • Two-Face: Leave us. We don't want to talk. Not to you.
  • Strange: Please. Take a seat. I have one last thing to discuss and then I will give you something in return.
  • Two-Face: I don't know. I can't decide. It's too confusing.
  • Strange: Of course it is. I want to talk about Mr. Wayne.
  • Two-Face: Why!?
  • Strange: Indulge me.
  • Two-Face: We don't like the guy.
  • Strange: Hardly surprising. Did you ever consider that you were alike? A traumatic event created you, an equally traumatic event altered him.
  • Two-Face: He's nothing like us. There's no... no risk, no danger. It's all just money and girls. We should kill him.
  • Strange: Maybe you should.

Tape 5[]

  • Strange: Listen to me Harvey. I am going to give you a simple choice. This is your coin.
  • Two-Face: Is it? Why should I trust you?
  • Strange: It was your father's correct? You know every inch of it. When you close your eyes you can feel it can't you?
  • Two-Face: Give me it... Please.
  • Strange: I want you to understand what I am about to tell you. You believe this coin determines the fate of your world. I however believe your condition has always been present. It was there before you were attacked and it is still there now. You probably had headaches your wife found you unpredictable, scary sometimes.
  • Two-Face: Give US it!
  • Strange: I am going to throw the coin up in the air. If you let it fall, I will do whatever I can to cure you. I will help you become the man you used to be.
  • Two-Face: Or?
  • Strange: If you grab it, I will let you loose in Arkham City and I will tell you what Catwoman is doing right this second.
  • Two-Face: We can't decide.
  • Strange: You have to... (tosses coin in the air, then Two-Face grabs it) At this moment, Catwoman is preparing to steal the contents of the safe in your old campaign office.
  • Two-Face: The bitch! We need to stop her!
  • Strange: And you may. Goodbye Mr. Dent.


Arkham City[]

  • "Get your filthy paws off that now!" (puts gun to Catwoman's head)
  • "The only way to get by in this place is get ourselves some respect."
  • "Fear. That's how we get respect. Show them all how we do things."
  • "We should be fair, though. This is a place of justice, after all."
  • "Screw justice. Kill her and they'll all fear us." (Catwoman)
  • "Bring out the defendant!" (Catwoman)
  • "That's for stealing from us. No one steals from us!" (hits Catwoman)
  • "Let's see if the coin thinks you're telling the truth." (Catwoman)
  • "This court is now in session."
  • "Order in the court!" (bangs gavel several times)
  • "Order! Order!" (bangs gavel several times again, and then shoots his gun into the air to ensure silence)
  • "That's more like it. Welcome, people of Arkham City. It's good to see so many new faces in the crowd."
  • "Fresh faces for the gang."
  • "Today we present each of you with an exciting new opportunity."
  • "Two opportunities."
  • "To join with us. To create a new force in Arkham..."
  • "And take this place for ourselves!"
  • "When the clown dies, we will own this town! We will RULE this town!" (Joker)
  • "Or you can just leave now."
  • "And we will hunt you down and kill you all!"
  • "But let's not dwell on the negative."
  • "Let's have some fun!"
  • "Fate delivered a gift to us tonight." (Catwoman)
  • "A gift that will show everybody that we mean business." (Catwoman)
  • "And you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, will be part of it."
  • "Help us decide if we should kill the bitch who tried to steal from us." (Catwoman)
  • "Or let her go to do it again!" (Catwoman)
  • "Like hell we will."
  • "There are two sides to every story. Let's hear hers before passing judgment." (Catwoman)
  • "Nah! Let's just kill her and be done with it." (Catwoman)
  • "So what will it be, distinguished members of the jury?"
  • "Is the bitch guilty? Or should we let her go steal from someone else?" (Catwoman)
  • "Silence in my court!" (Catwoman)
  • "Hmph. More like, things to steal. Maybe I should just cut both your hands off..." (Catwoman)
  • "Or maybe we should wait for the verdict."
  • "Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say. I'm hoping for a hung jury anyway."
  • "You're in Two-Face's court, where we pride ourselves on seeing both sides of a case."
  • "Hurry up and make up your minds, idiots. I haven't got all freakin' night, you know."
  • "My court is in session."
  • "Silence in the court!"
  • "Our friend Batman has arrived. Grab him and cut him in two!"
  • "We're getting bored of this. Stop him already!" (Batman)
  • "Hurry up and kill him, I've got a case to try!" (Batman)
  • "Hold still while I pass judgment!" (Batman)
  • "This is my court!"
  • "Your sentence is death, Batman!"
  • "Stay still, Batman!"'
  • "Batman needs to be punished!"
  • "This court is in session!"
  • "Stay out of our way, boys." (shoots henchmen accidently)
  • "Get out of my way!" (accidently shoots henchmen instead of Batman)
  • "C'mon! What are you guys doing down there? Hit him!" (Batman)
  • "Hurry up and kill him, I've got a case to try!" (Batman)
  • "You're not welcome in my court, Batman!"
  • "Order! Order! Order!"
  • "The Cat is mine, Batman!" (Catwoman)
  • "Kill him!" (Batman)
  • "Damnit!" (misses shooting Batman)
  • "Objection!" [shoots Batman]
  • "Overruled!" (blows off gun after shooting Batman)
  • "Heads or tails, kitty cat?" (Catwoman)
  • "Not this one." (coin lands on bad/burnt side)
  • "Time to die!" (Catwoman)
  • "Two guns, bitch!" (Catwoman)
  • "Oh, you should have finished me, Batman. We'll get out of this and we'll be back."
  • "You should. Fate is all that stands in our way and if the coin says your time is up...Then you'll die." (Batman)
  • "Cut me down, fight us like a man!" (Batman)
  • "We'll kill you for this, Batman!"
  • "If we don't get you, Joker will." (Batman)
  • "She won't dare come back here." (Catwoman)
  • "Oh, she'll dare. She'll come straight back here for her pretty little things, and when she does, I want you guys to blow that bitch apart!" (Catwoman)
  • "Good! This is our chance for glory! Word is Joker's dead and we all saw what happened to the runt that used to run this place!" (Penguin)
  • "We are the future of Arkham! We are the future of Gotham!"
  • "No one will dare stand up to us."
  • "Because if they do, we'll cut them in two!"
  • "We both want her dead. The first one who finds her gets to be my right hand guy." (Catwoman)
  • "Keep looking. She could be here already." (Catwoman)
  • "She's coming. I know her too well" (Catwoman)
  • "She'll be here. I know she will." (Catwoman)
  • "Find the bitch. Don't let her get away again!" (Catwoman)
  • "Find her! Don't let her get to us!" (Catwoman)
  • "The bitch! We need to stop her!" (Catwoman)
  • "Find her and skin that cat-bitch!" (Catwoman)
  • "What are you waiting for? Help me!"
  • "We'll kill you for this!" (Catwoman)
  • "Kill her! Now!" (Catwoman)
  • "No!" (after being beaten by Catwoman)
  • "I only took half. The rest I gave away. I win, bitch." [Catwoman]

Arkham Knight[]

  • "We thought you might show up, Batman."
  • "We were counting on it!"
  • "Look, Batman, I need the money. It's hard to find honest work with these disfigurements."
  • "You make a monster out of us and then you hunt us down!"
  • "Another guy down... but not dead, right Batman?"
  • "I used to have rules, Batman. Now I have the coin."
  • "It's easier to this way. No wringing our hands, no hesitating. Just doing what fate decides."
  • "It's sweet that you still try and live by the rules."
  • "Well then boys, looks like that bank has a bat infestation. Since we're making such a large withdrawal, why don't we take of it for them?"
  • "Lock the doors and find him. Whoever kills the bastard and brings us the body gets double their cut."
  • "Batman. You got this wrong. The Bank of Gotham, it launders money for the mob - or whats left of it."
  • "You remember the mob, right? The guys who burned half our face off because they COULDN'T GET TO YOU?"
  • "Now sure, there's plenty of clean money mixed with the dirty. But what isn't tainted in this town?"
  • "So stay away from the banks. You'll regret it if you don't."
  • "OK men, every time the Bat gets one of you we're gonna toss the coin."
  • "Heads: Your family get their hazard pay while you rot in jail."
  • "Tails: They get punished in your place."
  • "It's tails for this chump. We'll tell your wife you're sorry."
  • "Tails again! That's two bullets for each kid!"
  • "Tails again?! Fate's in a foul mood today!"
  • "Heads. So fate shows a little mercy."
  • "Tails! You can't argue with the coin."
  • "Destiny was on our side, friend. It's heads."
  • "Tails. If fate wants a massacre, who am I to deny it?"
  • "Gentlemen, it's bonus time. You want to double your pay tonight? It's as easy as this."
  • "Batman. I knew you wouldn't let this slide."
  • "Remember when I had the principles? Remember when I told Gordon we should arrest you? Said we shouldn't work with vigilantes?"
  • "You promised me we'd crush crime in Gotham within the year."
  • "WAS I EVER PART OF THE PLAN? Or was I just a distraction? A pretty-boy lawyer the mob could focus all that hate on while you tore them apart?"
  • "Last chance. Get out of my way. Or I deal with you myself."
  • "You should have left us alone, old friend."
  • "We were gonna spare you, but, well......the coin had other ideas."
  • "We don't forget what happened, Batman! You set us up! All those years ago!"
  • "He's just a man! Kill him!"
  • "How do you do it, Batman? Play hero when you leave guys like me behind?"
  • "The coin wants him dead! It's fate, dammit! Kill him!"
  • "I warned you, Batman! We said stay the hell away!"
  • "You should have let us be, Batman. But here you are."
  • "All of you! Out!"
  • "Tails you lose, Batman."
  • "And these guys will make sure."
  • "Bring us his corpse!"
  • "We'll kill you for what you did to us!"
  • "Come out you damn coward!"
  • "It was fate, Batman, to die like this."
  • "I know you're there, old friend!"
  • "All of your choices led to this moment, Batman."
  • "Can't look at me, Batman, can't look at my face?!"
  • "Stop hiding! Look me in the eye!"
  • "No... No... NO!"
  • "Don't call me that, he's dead!"
  • "I wish I was dead... I'm a freak because of you!"
  • "You're the man who put that acid-throwing bastard in the dock!" (To Batman about Carmine Falcone)
  • "...You said we'd save Gotham."
  • "Damn you."
  • "So is it true... Bruce?"
  • "Don't answer then. We know the truth."
  • "You aren't Bruce Wayne. Jim Gordon and I, we didn't strike a deal with Bruce Wayne."
  • "And it's sure as hell not Bruce Wayne waiting on the rooftops each night."
  • "This is who you are. See we get it, "Bruce". It's not the face you're given."
  • "It's the face you choose."
  • "Never count me out of the game."
  • "Save your breath, we'll get our chance." (To his henchmen in the GCPD Lockup)
  • "Still trying to preserve the balance of justice, eh Batman? Impossible! Think of all the crimes you missed while capturing us!"
  • "How many times have we done this, Batman? You put us behind bars only for us to escape. Your life is meaningless. A charade!"
  • "Satisfaction is short lived. Enjoy it while you can, because the next time we meet... you die!"
  • "Feeling lucky, Batman? What do you say we flip a coin, heads we walk free?"
  • "They say time is the best judge, well the verdicts in and Gotham's time is up!"
  • "Call yourself a friend? I don't deserve to be here. What did I ever do wrong?"
  • "Sure you're on the right side of the bars, Batman? From where I'm standing you look guilty as hell."
  • "After tonight you're finished., we get to start again from scratch. No cops, no law, no Batman."
  • "Why bother with the mask hero? You got nothing worth hiding now."
  • "I wanted to help people, but Gotham wouldn't let me. Good men don't last here, Bruce, not when everybody knows who they are."
  • "Maybe you should think about changing your face. I've got a few ideas."
  • "I might've known you'd get in here first, Oswald. Justice never favors the weak!" (Penguin)
  • "Watch your mouth, Oswald, we're on the same side of the bars now." (Penguin)
  • "You said the plan was fool proof, Oswald!" (Penguin)
  • "Sick freak!" (Professor Pyg)
  • "Nothing burns like injustice!" (Firefly)
  • "Your riddles are a cruel waste of time, just like Gotham's courts!" (Riddler)
  • "This is our city, Deacon. We're the law around here." (Deacon Blackfire)
  • "Hey, Angel! Where's your God now?" (Azrael)
  • "Not as good as you think you are, Deathstroke!" (Deathstroke)
  • "No, no. We need to do this right. He needs to face justice." (Joker Hallucination)
  • "We've got a hundred guns trained on him. He's going nowhere." (Joker Hallucination)
  • "I can't let you leave here alive. Not after what you've just done." (Joker Hallucination)

A Flip of a Coin[]

  • "I know you're in here kid. Still fighting the good fight, huh. I'd leave while you can."
  • "Or come face me! Let's see if the Boy Wonder can without the Bat to hold his hand!"
  • "You feel abandoned, I know what that's like. He let me down too."
  • "I lost everything, and so will you."
  • "The Batman's legacy-a little punk pretending to be a hero!"
  • "It's over, Boy Wonder."
  • "Watch your back, bird boy, no one else will!"
  • "Just leave, Robin. War's over."
  • "You couldn't save this city when Batman was alive. You got no chance now!"
  • "Sorry, kid. This is a man's game."
  • "Tails you die, kid."
  • "You won't stop us."
  • "You don't scare anyone, Robin."
  • "You're not the hero, Robin. You're the sidekick."
  • "So, the boy becomes a man. Too bad it's short lived."
  • "It wasn't brave coming here, it was stupid." (Pointing gun at Robin)
  • "You're not the Bat, never were, never will be." (Gun to Robin's head)
  • "Sorry kid. You can't do this all alone." (Points gun at Robin, and then flips his coin)

Game Over Lines[]

Batman: Arkham City[]

  • "What's up, Batman? In two minds about saving the kitty? Let me help you out. KILL HER!" (Catwoman)
  • "Looks like your luck's run out, Batman!"
  • "And the judgment is....death!" (Batman or Catwoman)
  • "Bad luck, Batman!"
  • "Time to die, kitty cat!" (Catwoman)
  • "Heads or tails?" (Catwoman or Batman)
  • "Sorry, kitty." (Catwoman)

Batman- Arkham Knight - Game Over- Two-Face

Batman: Arkham Knight[]

  • "Harvey might feel bad about this Batman, but we'll bring him around."
  • "You're better off dead Bat. Just look what happened to us."
  • "It's fate, Batman. Don't try and fight it."
  • "Can't argue with the coin, Batman."

A Flip of a Coin[]

  • "Sorry, kid, ya should've stuck to the little leagues."
  • "Face it, Robin. You're half the man he was."


Batman: Assault on Arkham[]

Batman: Arkham Asylum[]

Batman: Arkham City[]

Batman: Arkham Knight[]


  • Although his bio in-game says his eyes are blue, during gameplay and in his character showcase his eyes are a dark brown.
  • This version of Two-Face seemed to take aspects from various previous incarnations of the character:
    • His suit (white on the good side, black on the scarred side) and voice tone as Two-Face seemed to be inspired by the DCAU version of the character.
    • His scars and half burned suit, and to some extent, his voice tone as Harvey Dent, seemed to be inspired by the Dark Knight trilogy version of the character.
    • His way of referring to himself in the plural seemed to be inspired by the Batman Forever version of the character.
  • His thugs note that whenever Two-Face calls for them, there's a 50-50 chance he'll end up killing them. However, those who manage to live and work for him long enough notice when the personalities switch.
  • In Knight, like most of the villains, Two-Face has personality change. This is shown by both his personalities no longer fighting each other; instead, they switch in and out as they have finally come to an agreement.
  • Two-Face's old Campaign Office in Arkham City possessed a border which wrapped around near the ceiling of the apartment, but was distinctly severed at the center point above the door. Beneath this severed point, two statues of animals could be seen fighting.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Joker mentioned Two-Face at the beginning of the game after Batman had defeated his first Titan Henchman. Oracle mentioned him after Batman made the antidote to the Titan. Two-Face was mentioned again at the end through a police radio as he was robbing the Second National Bank in Gotham and shot two guards.
  • When Two-Face attempted to shoot Batman in the Courthouse, if you took cover behind the railing, Two-Face would point his gun at you and wait. You could do this as long as you liked, but when you stopped crouching, he would shoot you immediately.
  • This version of Two-Face appeared in Injustice: Gods Among Us in the Arkham Asylum Stage and acts as a harmful stage transition who would attack the player or their opponent if they entered that area.
  • In Batman: Arkham Origins, there was a newspaper in the GCPD SWAT Interrogation Room that said that Harvey Dent was elected D.A.
  • Harvey Dent was one of Enigma's suspects for Batman's secret identity when discovered in his secret room at his headquarters in Burnley.
  • In Two-Face's Interview Tapes, Hugo Strange referenced Two-Face having a wife, who was frightened by the psychological problems that he was experiencing when he was Harvey Dent. In the comics and the game, Harvey Dent was married to Gilda Dent. In the DCAU, it was Grace Dent. A painting of her can be found within his secret manor during the A Flip of A Coin incident.
  • In the Arkham Mansion's West Wing Corridor, there were some 'Vote Dent' badges on a desk.
  • In Batman: Arkham City and the CGI trailer for Arkham Knight, Two-Face's tie was white. In the game itself, his tie was blue.
  • Harvey Dent was one of Batman's first allies in his early years.
  • Since concept art wasn't likely canon, it's unknown how far down Two-Face was disfigured by the acid.
    • Even a hallucination of Joker insensitively wondered - "Did EVERYTHING get split down the middle?".
  • In the comics, Harvey's psychological issues were suggested to be the result of his abuse by his alcoholic father. It was never made clear where their root was in the games. However, Harvey's father was referenced briefly in his Arkham City Interview Tapes where Hugo Strange commented that Harvey's father was the previous owner of his coin (before presumably passing away) which slightly hinted at his comic book origins.
  • Aaron Cash apparently didn't like imprisoning Harvey, as he still saw a bit of the man that Harvey used to be.
  • In Batman: Arkham Knight, thugs could be heard conversing that some of them had previously believed that Batman was in fact Harvey Dent, at least until the incident that created Two-Face occurred.
  • In the comics, Sal Maroni was responsible for throwing acid in Harvey's face during a cross-examination while Maroni was being tried for murder. The type of acid that was thrown was sulfuric acid and it was provided to Maroni by Assistant District Attorney Vernon Fields, who was bribed by Carmine Falcone.
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