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Two-Face's Gang was a gang of criminals and former inmates led by Two-Face from Arkham City. Two-Face eventually won the Arkham Gang War against the Joker and the Penguin. The gang consisted mainly of rapists, muggers, and murderers.

The goons were loyal to their boss and would protect him at a moment's notice, but at times, Two-Face would kill his own men for failure or insubordination.

After the death of the Joker and the defeat of the Penguin, Two-Face was the winner of the Arkham Gang War, though his victory was short lived as Two-Face himself was taken out by Catwoman, and the GCPD stormed the mega prison.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham City Incident[]

Two-Face formed his own team of inmates to take over Arkham City and eliminate his enemies. Setting his sights on the Solomon Wayne Courthouse in Park Row, Two-Face ousted Calendar Man and made the Courthouse his lair.

Two-Face then caught Catwoman stealing from his personal vault, captured her, and took her to the Courthouse for public execution to show an example that they "meant business." Batman intervened, suspended Two-Face over a vat of acid, and saved Catwoman. Reportedly, Two-Face went underground, his gang scattered, and were captured by Joker's Henchmen who tormented and tortured them. Batman witnesses this first hand when he goes to the steel mill for the second time, two members of Joker's gang are about to lower a member of Two Face's gang into something extremely hot. When Batman takes the two Joker men out, he can help get the Two Face member down, after a few moments of recovery, he then attempts to attack Batman, but is swiftly put down.

Eventually, Two-Face's Gang stormed the Bowery and conquered Penguin's territory as well as the Museum. When Two-Face returned after the death of the Joker, he was defeated by Catwoman and left unconscious in the Museum Armory. It was assumed that Two-Face's Gang was taken into custody when the GCPD stormed the mega prison.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

One year after the events of Arkham City, Two-Face's Gang teamed up with Penguin's Henchmen and Harley's Gang under Scarecrow's Army. By this time the gang is shown to be much more skilled and well equipped since Arkham City. This is possibly due to their victory in the gang war earning them riches and equipment for improvement.

There was a Gotham's Most Wanted Mission called Two-Faced Bandit. In it, Two-Face's Gang tried to rob the banks in Gotham City by using garbage trucks to store cash in disguise. In the first wave, you had to defeat a certain number of Two-Face's Henchmen before the henchmen stole a certain number of cash. An alarm went off and covered any attacks that made sound and drew attention to others. In the second wave, the remaining Two-Face Henchmen abandoned the robbery and tried to kill Batman and there was no alarm at that point. Every bank robbery stopped earned you a WayneTech point, unless if it was the final one, then you earned three. In the final wave, after you defeated Two-Face's Henchmen, things were different. Instead of more of his henchmen, the Militia came in with Two-Face himself for Batman to take out.


Arkham City Incident[]

In Arkham City, Two-Face's Henchmen were seen wearing masks, black shoes, and inmate overalls (one side clean and the other side damaged). The words "Arkham City" are stitched onto the back of the overalls. A few, however, didn't wear masks.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

In Batman: Arkham Knight, the Gang's appearance changed drastically since Arkham City, They sported a Halloween Mask with or without a gas apparatus, and some with or without the mask. The mask looked like a demon with large sharp teeth with half clean and the other half burned. Their clothes, however, sported hoodies, and a vest represented the Hell's Gate Disposal Services logo, which was a skull, but its background depended on the color of the vest. If the vest was yellow, the background was half red and half black. If the vest was orange, the background remained orange on one side, but black on the other half. They had long or short yellow gloves, dark green pants, and fisherman boots.

A Flip Of A Coin Incident[]

Same as in the Halloween Incident in Arkham Knight, but some of Two-Face's Gang were shown to wear suits like Black Mask's Henchmen from Batman: Arkham Origins, the only exception of his men wearing suits, was that they didn't wear masks that represented their boss.



Arkham Knight[]

  • Hands off the boss, Bat-Freak!
  • Yeah, he's twice the man you are!



  • Long-time members know when which personality is in control of their boss.
  • Everything is decided by The Coin.
    • Two-Face once tossed his men's cut into the Gotham River because of it.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, when Batman headed to save Catwoman from Two-Face, some gang members could be heard outside of the Courthouse talking about a former gang member named "Baille" who apparently ended up at the wrong side of Two-Face's Coin, was subsequently was cut in two, and killed on a "Big ass industrial saw". 
  • Unlike Joker or Penguin, Two-Face was the only gang leader in Arkham City who had no screening method to obtain well-trained members as he simply took whoever wished to join him, while Joker had a few death traps in the Steel Mill to test the reflexes of inmates, and Penguin had his Gladiator Pit at the Museum (the latter being implied with the prequel comic to have been recently instated after one criminal recruit managed to outwit and escape Penguin).
    • Though taking anyone is "double-edged"; they could either be useful or useless. This was further implied in NPC chatter in Arkham Knight, where a Penguin gang member mentioned "At least with Cobblepot you know where you stand. With Dent it's fifty-fifty at best."
    • Comments made by Two-Face gang members via NPC chatter implied that, compared to Joker and Penguin's gangs, they treated newcomer prisoners relatively mercifully, only subjecting them to humiliation rather than killing them in sadistic measures.
  • Two-Face's Gang was also the most under-equipped during the Arkham Gang War, with the least members, no access to Titan, no lieutenants, and had the smallest territory. Despite that, they won the war due to the fact that Penguin was captured and Joker died. By Arkham Knight, they were a much more formidable force.
  • In Predator Mode, Two-Face's Gang was immune to the Voice Synthesizer due to their lack of headsets.
  • Like Joker's Henchmen, Two-Face's Gang recruited members from the Penguin's team that didn't wish to die by remaining loyal to him.
  • At the time of Arkham Knight, the Gang no longer wore mask/clothing that was damaged from the other side.
  • After the events of Arkham Knight, Two-Face recruited Penguin's Brutes and Medics.